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Artist: Too $hort f/ Devin the Dude, Cutty Cartel
Album:  Married to the Game
Song:   Hey, Let's Go
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[Intro: Too $hort (& Cutty)]
Nasty bee-yatch (let's go niggaz don't know what to deal a hoe)
You just a tramp hoe

[Chorus: Cutty Cartel]
No I don't like calamari and no I don't eat caviar
But you might catch me exquisit at the bar
You're the finest that I seen thus far
So, won't you come on in, shorty you can bring your friend
Just let me finish off my double shot shot of Henn
We can leave now the sport begins, on you

[Verse 1: Too $hort]
It's time to fuck baby, jump in the truck baby
Cause I been wantin' to tear yo fine ass up lately
You like your dicks big, you like the way they taste
Don't shoot it let me take it out and cum on your face
I won't waste your time if you don't waste mine
Let's keep it funky and live, just like the bassline
My girl will lick your clit, the bitch is on this shit
Close your eyes you'll swear you're fuckin' in a porno flick
The way you want my dick, you got my thing hard
You got skills, you should win an ABN award
I got my playing card, it's the two of spades
Deuce is wild, check it out, and you was laid
Now we moanin' and groanin' screamin' and hollin'
All them super top notches, yeah, you'll see who they followin'
Big Dog will make you open your eyes wider
Cause this dick is like the big thick pipe piper


[Verse 2: Too $hort]
You're such a nasty girl, take them panties off
The way you do it is impossible, I can't get soft
You up your fuckin' like your pussy got a motor
Missionary, on top, from the back, roll you over
You just hupmin' and I keep pumpin'
Then I ride around my body cause my beat's bumpin'
Yeah I know you know, I'm a pimp hoe
And I heard all about you, little nymfo
Pussy like Niagara Falls, they say you love it all
So when I nut, suck my dick, bitch, and rub my balls
Cause I'm nasty too you'd better ask it's true
It's a one time shot, I'm just passin' through
Don't be shy, don't be stingy, don't be holdin' back
And don't get hooked on the dick, like you're smokin' crack
Just keep doin' what you doin', don't change a thing
And you'll see how much love this pimp game can bring


[Verse 3: Devin the Dude]
Ain't no sense in frontin' let's go, move something
You know I want some of that pussy girl, why you frontin'?
You can rub on my nuts, while your friends ain't watchin'
If you expect a check for some sex, it ain't happenin'
I'm the vagina finder, the cunt collecting king
I'm 'bout to get a platinum penis ring
Your second guess is bitches, and yes or no
You're down with shit, just move around let's go still here, ain't nobody lookin' for ya?
Do you have a home or an appartment or ya
Kinda stay here with the crew, knowin' the shit that we do
We just frant through, a couple of bitches just like you
Where ya girlfriends? Where ya car at? What's the damn deal?
Girl you got to leave here for real
I hope you wasn't plannin' to get your stack on
Get up bitch put your panties back on
It's over