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Artist: Tony Yayo f/ Spider Loc
Album:  Thoughts of a Predicate Felon
Song:   It is What it Is
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[Intro: Tony Yayo]
Yeah it's the talk of New York (yeah yeah yeah nigga!)
Mixed with that N.W.A. shit (whattup  real talk of New York nigga)
I mean that G-Unit shit (G-Unit nigga)
You know how we do now nigga (it's that gangsta shit stupid)
Let me tell you how to school y'all young niggaz man
(HERE WE GO NOW!) Yo, yo

[Chorus: Tony Yayo]
22's on a Porsche truck, Henny in the fridge
That's how we live, it is what it is
We run up in your crib snatch your kids and your wiz
We know where you live, it is what it is
If we can't eat then your team can't live
That's how it is, it is what it is
Nigga that's how it is, it is what it is
Nigga that's how it is, it is what it is (here we go!)

[Tony Yayo]
I'm Crip'n, heaven gates open meet your maker
My pistol get it poppin like the Pistons and the Pacers
I'm the messenger of misery, I move discreet
You kiddin me?  My victory is in the jaws of defeat
And these haters wanna kill me cause my dreams is reality
The cig' with the beam will cause a fatality
Just caught a case but it's a minor technicality
With shooters on the street, prosecutors keep houndin me (break it down now!)
Whatchu know about, Grammy speeches, sandy beaches
Pounds of seedless, pounds and sweepers
Movie features, groupie divas, deal with sneakers
Secluded in the woods from them snakes and leeches (yeah!)
I'm makin money on the road homie autographin ass
While you on the silver horse witcha Metro pass (what nigga)
For every dollar you make nigga I make a G
Damn it feels good to live life like me, c'mon!


[Spider Loc]
When it's Spider and big Yay', we doin it which way?
Real big cause he stay where the rich stay (nigga)
We get it crackin like a high school ditch day
Ghetto mack in this how I do the itch-bay
A Escalade and a two-shade six-tre'
With his life is the price that the snitch pay
But it's political, my paper sproutin
My girl get upset I don't take her out and
My choice of occupation make her doubtin
I'll be out the front do', I can't take the poutin
I'm about anythang, that'll make a mountain
of this moolah; ooh all the cake I'm countin
See the game too deep, I can't shake I'm scoutin
the clout; our fans loud like the Lakers shoutin
Tryna have me a flat with some acres
Out in the boondocks, so I move without them fakers


[Tony Yayo]
I'm filthy so stop hatin, the milli's what I'm wavin
You guilty by association, you payin for operations
Your kids be orphans, coughin up organs
You sprayin up your Benz, you layin in coffins
It's G-Unit clique NIGGA, you love how we spit NIGGA
My wrists glist' in glitter cause we sittin on six NIGGA
Yo it's all about the Benjamins, feel the adrenaline
Yo we killin 'em, with beats from, Dre and Eminem
Your bitch keep grillin me, I know she feelin me (yeah!)
My last cap and gown was, in elementary (uh-huh)
The kid is back, the kid is strapped, I'm hot hot
The way we rap, we blazin tracks, you not not
And Em's on the beat, I had to hire Marshall (what!)
So we keep the club packed, for the fire marshals (one more time!)
Nigga Em on the beat I had to, hire Marshall
So we keep the club packed, for the fire marshals, yeah! (HERE WE GO!)


[Tony Yayo  repeat 2X]
You don't want no drama, we run up on your momma
And cock back the llama; now that's beef nigga
You don't wanna start it, so don't get it started
Cause my Gorillas is insane and retarded

[Yay] Yeah nigga you know what time it is
[Loc] It is what it is nigga
[Yay] Real talk of New York
[Loc] You know how we do
[Yay] My nigga Spider Loc
[Loc] Fuckin with young Yay'
[Yay] Uh-huh
[Loc] Ay, you better watch your way
[Yay] Brooklyn Queens
[Loc] To all the way to Los Angeles
[Yay] Manhattan, Harlem
[Loc] I think, C.C. Riders, you know how I do
[Yay] Yeah nigga
[Loc] We rip ride but I fuck with it all
[Yay] Yeah what you fuckin with
[Loc] All riders fuck with me man, red rags, bodies on the swines
[Yay] Oh alright
[Loc] Drag new parks
[Yay] Alright
[Loc] Eastside, East Coast riders, the whole city
[Yay] So I'm good when I'm on the Westside, huh?
[Loc] Man, ay the city got your back Yayo
[Yay] Aight that's what's up nigga, it is what it is
[Loc] From Long Beach niggaz we in this, it is what it is nigga

[Tony Yayo]
G-G, G-G, G-G-Unit!
G-G, G-G, G-G-Unit!
G-G, G-G, G-G-Unit!
G-G, G-G, G, G-G, G-G, G
G-G, G-G, G-G-Unit! {*echoes*}