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Artist: Tony Yayo f/ Joe
Album:  Thoughts of a Predicate Felon
Song:   Curious
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Yay] I'm sayin Ma, what's your name?
[Kay] My name is Kay
[Yay] Where you from?
[Kay] I'm from Brooklyn
[Yay] I'm sayin shit, why you with that bird over there?
[Yay] Now I don't wanna sound like a hater
[Kay] Beacuse he can work the middle
[Yay] Oh aight but I can too
[Kay] Let's find out
[Yay] Ha ha ha!

[Chorus: Joe]
Ma I'm curious, yeahhhh, I'm wonderin if I can make you mine
Baby I'm curious, so curious, I wonder if we can spend some time
Shorty I'm curious, ohhhh, girl I wanna know what's on your mind
Lady I'm curious, so curious, I wonder if I can make you mine (Ya-yo!)

[Tony Yayo]
Ma I'm curious to know if I lick that spot
Will it make your body shiver and your panties drop
Your baby father's a lame, he a deadbeat dad
So you and your kids could come cruise in my Jag
You "My Boo" like Usher, and Alicia Keys
And every time that you touch me girl you please my knees
Be like, George and Weezy, Jada and Will
Let's shop 'til we drop out in Beverly Hills
I'm curious to know if you want me girl
If so ma let's fly the country girl
I'm not sellin you a dream girl I give you the world
You want them furs and the minks and them diamond pearls

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Tony Yayo]
I saw her in the projects, goin to the store
I never had a crush like this before
Her baby daddy is a killer, he hold weight in Attica
But every time he home, he beatin her and smackin her
Ma you don't need your face black and blue
You need diamonds from Jacob that's black and blue
Waterfront property, you see the sun risin
But back to the subject let me stop fantasizin
Listen boo, nobody in the world is perfect
So when you 'round my team there's no need to be nervous
I hit it from the back, pull out your tracks
Cause curiosity girl, kills the cat

[Chorus] - 2X w/ ad libs

Wanna make you mine baby
See I gotta make you mine baby
Wanna make you mine baby
I gotta make you mine baby, ohhhhh
So curious, so curious {*fades out*}