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Artist: Tony Touch f/ Prodigy (Mobb Deep)
Album:  The Piece Makers 3: Return of the 50 MC's
Song:   Street Corner
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[Verse One: Prodigy]
This is that street corner curb rap, where all the dirt at
Rats, roaches, snitches and down bitches
Backstabbers and cut throat fuckers
Your own brothers, cousins and so called friends
They all wanna piece of your light 'cause light dark
They all turn on you easy 'cause life hard
I severed my ties with these frauds
Flamingo ass niggas, actin like broads
They mad 'cause my swag real swervy
Doc Martin's lookin like a black nazi
Tony Toca, Shade 45
I'm Alejandro Sosa of rap music
I design sneakers for Supra
Nigga I shape and mold your future
I'm robbin this train, sit the fuck down
And shut the fuck up, you's a project clown
I'm a global phenom, gorilla shit King Kong
Knock your head off of your neck, you do me wrong
I told you don't never fuck with me
But this nigga don't hear good until that heat
Rupture your eardrum, and fry your brain
My freestyle like free base and crack cocaine
I'm a O.G. young rollin stoner
Rolled it up, light it up take a plane get trippy
I grew up in the era of razors and buck 50's
Violence and hardcore hip hop she dig me
Like archaeology 
She lookin for a big bone she done hit the lottery