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Artist: Tony Touch f/ GangStarr
Album:  The Piece Maker 12"
Song:   The Piece Maker
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Chorus (intro): samples
--Tony Touch--
--The incredible... DJ--
--The tables turn--
--relay that one time--
--OK, Tony Touch--
--is so tremendous--
--Tony touch--
Yo i be da mic smoka
Puff dro with Tony Toca
He be the beat maker
The master peice maker
Makin masterpieces, timeless works of art
Some of ya'll might be affraid of what lurks in the dark
So by the wave of his hand and by the flick of his wrist
Tone brings things to light at the flip of a switch
Well respected, well connected From Bushwick to Vegas
B-Boy fanatic, dramatic on the cross feeders
All my people that love that real shit
The got love for Tone cause he make em feel shit
Other DJs like to steal shit
But when we see em
They be frontin like it's love, no it
Damn well they want to be him
Tie you and hear me in style(??)
That why we givin him style  
It be the piece maker, i'm the jewel of the wild
Gang to the Starr
Hold ya glock steady
Word to Rocksteady
Betta get ya blocks ready
Who sleepin on the crow
Creepin on the low
T-O-N to the Y
Fuck with us and watch your fam die
Damn I, know you want another CD of that
Hardcore rap shit, we got a degree in that
I majored in lacin fiends, chasin greens and stayin clean
Knowin what it's like to be strugglin and creating dreams
Poof, something arises, outta nothing 
and surprises all you all you weak minded, sideways suckas 
You can't deny it, it's like doing a bid and not learning jack shit
Where my old Tony Touch take, and ask me what was that shit
Niggaz got the shit backwards, it's drastic
Will the dollar move, or will we rely on plastic
Throw that shit, we're gonna rely on the vinyl 
Final decisions and mad revisions for all rivals
I will, always be the brother you can relate ta
Guru, Premier, and my man Tone the Piece Maker