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Artist: Tony Touch f/ Prodigy (Mobb Deep)
Album:  The Piece Maker
Song:    Basics
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Oh, this fuckin kid....
Yo, can't deny it
Don't get it twist, get it fixed
Yo dunn straight up, yo this is how we do
Straight up...

Let me start from the beginning at the top of the list
P-Double dispose of rap garbage
Expose novice, trash style, niggas try hardest
Clowns attempt to rep get slapped the farthest
I'm P/pee like distinct urine in your staircase
Nigga, from me stay the most distant, you outta place
Grime rhyme, my story too foul for primetime
So I don't give a fuck about MTV
Or any radio station, they won't play me
They own kids give me spins on tapes and cd's
Infamous First Infrantry tee's
Army-green so it match your fatigues
Desert Storm ?tank? done damn
I could see it, let's be it
My whole click blows sticks and fears
Abolition, cancel your position
Don't ever a-your life for livin, challenge my division
Yo dunn we nice wit rhymes, on the L niggas feel this
Something for the people, I know what they want to hear is

P-E-double wit the realness
M-O-B-B niggas is fearless
QBC in it, all day feel this
Splash these niggas wit a verse like

Dead weight, that you could never move and shake
Demonstrate Live Nigga Rap throughout the states
Initiate lump sums, all niggas is fake
Take time out to think before I wrote the page
Celebrate my type of style dunn, it's a real one
Kill time, sit around and compare guns
Me and mines, we a bunch of old times
Young dudes, while ya'll fuel to argue, we playin it cool
Boy, niggas got shot for less than words
Save the speech for those concerned, we squeeze first
Here's to those who won't hesitate for that
Dedicated to the type that can relate to that
Out-of-state clicks understand the cause
Overseas teams is down wit the fours
Niggas that can't speak the language repeat the song
Charged off of doses of this raw
Yo, it's that shit for your ears to list
Something for the people, I know what they wanna hear is

P-E-double wit the realness
M-O-B-B niggas is fearless
QBC in it, all day feel this
Takin ya'll niggas back where you're s'possed to

P-double nigga
What, Tony Toca, yo Chemistry on the beats
Nigga, Murda Muzik the movie, the LP
Yo, it's straight up dunn, it's like this
Straight up yo peace to N-O-Y-D
H-A-V-O-C, nigga what
G-O-D, Ty Nitty, Gambino, the Twiggy
Aiyyo dunn check it, P mothafuckin eh you
It's like this son, straight up uh