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Artist: TLC
Album:  Fanmail
Song:   Lovesick
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Saw you two the other day
And I must say that she looks great
You all make the cutest two
I guess I should be glad for you

But the thought of you just makes me sick
It's been two weeks and that's too quick
I can't say that I'm doin' fine
Cause I'm bout to lose my mind
And I don't know what I'll do, so

1 - 	Real sad for me, too bad for you
	That I'm so lonely and confused
	I've gotta take it out on you
	Cause you left me for some chick
	Now I'm lovesick, baby

Saw myself on Rikki Lake
Overweight and full of hate
Cause some asshole left me in distress
I used to look down on all that mess

Seems like everything just changed
Once I gave my love to you, you went away
Since you are the one to blame
You better figure out how to get it back baby

Repeat 1

Before I met you I didn't think
A man can ever do a thing
To take away my independence, baby
Before I met you I was straight
Now I'm 'bout to go insane
So you better think about it, baby

Repeat 1

Repeat 1