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Artist: TLC
Album:  Fanmail
Song:   I Miss You So Much
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I never asked for this feeling
I never thought I would fall
I never knew how I felt
'Till the day you were gone
I was lost

I never asked for red roses
I wasn't looking for love
Somehow I let my emotions take hold
And guess what, all at once
I'm in love

1 - 	Oh I miss you so much
	I long for your love
	It scares me
	Cause my heart gets so weak
	That I can't even breathe
	How can you take things so easily?
	Baby, why aren't you missing me?

Why did I act like you mattered
It was silly of me to believe
That if I just open my heart
Things would come naturally
Jokes on me, yeah

I did not ask for love letters
So why did you give them to me? (to me)
How could I let your intentions
Get over on me
So in love, so naive, oooh baby

Repeat 1

And oh, how I hate what you have done
Made me fall so deep in love
Got no cure, you're the only one I want
That I love, oh baby

Repeat 1

Baby why aren't you missing me?
Oh, baby why aren't you miss, missing me?