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Artist: TLC
Album:  Fanmail
Song:   Don't Pull Out On Me Yet
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Unh, remember me?
Well if you don't 
I think after this song
You will

We got tonight all alone, babe
No distractions, no if and or maybes
Lately we haven't had time to
Do the things we usually do
I've been thinking 'bout something 
Real special for you
And I want you to be good to me, too 

1 - 	I love it when you touch me
	Feels so good that it must be 
	Right for you to love me
	And do all the things that I won't
	See, I had a long day and my tension is strong
	Need a release baby you turn me on
	Whatever you do, just don't stop
	So oh, oh

2 - 	[Chorus]
	So don't go too fast 
	Make it a night that I won't forget
	Gotta make it last
	Givin' the love that I have to you
	Awoke from the past 
	Tonight is the night that you won't regret
	So baby just don't pull out on me yet

Love when you satisfy me
I can tell it when you know my body
Holdin' me closer to you
Ain't gon' wait, let me do what I do
See I get a funny feelin'
That makes me wanna share it 
Over and over again

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

[T-Boz and Chilli]
Baby baby baby

Repeat 2
Don't pull out on me 
Don't pull out on me
Don't pull out on me yet