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Artist: TLC
Album:  3D
Song:   So So Dumb
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Oh yeah
Alright (alright)
Alright alright

Dumb dumb dumb
So so dumb so dumb
Dumb dumb dumb
So so dumb so dumb

Everytime I see ya
Simple bitch pleads
Come here and talk to me
Wanna tell ya (huh)
Tell ya what's been on my mind
The wife's a friend of mine
Why do you need some 
Georgia Pine in your life
Do you love everything
About the woman you with
Why you tryin' to get with T
I thought that you had
See your wife is beautiful (huh)
The kid is two years old (hey)
She folds all your clothes
Whatcha runnin' around for

I can't think that you're so
Dumb dumb dumb
She thinks you're so faithful
So so dumb so dumb
And she's such a pretty girl
Dumb dumb dumb
How could you be so damn
So so dumb so dumb

I can't believe
You're knockin'
You're knockin' at my door
I should get my gun
And gun you to the floor
But instead
I think I'll invite you in
I'ma call your wife boy
And let her where you've been

Cuz she thinks that
You're so faithful
Boy you're so dumb (dumb)
Ain't goin' down like that no more
Guess who's knockin' at the front door
Ain't nobody you wanna see come in
You should appreciate your girl
Stop tryin' to push it on me


And one day love will leave your side
And no other will hear your cry
But you had to live your own life
Now nobody likes you
Not even you

[Chorus 2]
Why you gotta be so
Dumb dumb dumb
You've never been faithful
So so dumb so dumb
And you can have those other girls
Dumb dumb dumb
Cuz I'm no longer in your world
So so dumb so dumb


So stay away from me (huh)
You better play her somewhere else
You need to look at yourself (huh)
You need to find some help

So so dumb so dumb (dumb dumb)
Dumb dumb dumb (dumb dumb)
(Da dumb dumb dumb)
So so dumb so dumb
Dumb dumb...