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Artist: Tim Dog f/ Kool Keith, Ced Gee
Album:  Penicillin on Wax
Song:   Secret Fantasies
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{*girl moans*} "Fuck me just like you fucked her in the movies"
"Ahh, you look so good though.."

[Intro: Tim Dog]
Thank you
You know, a lotta people out there
Don't wanna talk about.. secret fantasies
But you and my crew, we're proud of the things we used to do..
Jerkin off to porno magazines, watchin porno movies all night..
Even daydreamin about, females in the industry 
that we wanted to fuck, one time or another
So I'ma bring my man, Rhythm X, Kool Keith
and he's gonna tell you, a couple of his sexual fantasies

[Kool Keith]
Yeah, Tim Dog
A lotta people don't wanna talk about their fantasies
They scared to share 'em, but you know what? I'm proud of mines
Lemme tell you like this..

[Tim Dog]
Go head, nigga..

[Kool Keith]
It was a late night, on the Sunset Boulevard
I was the smoothest player, cold pimpin hard
Ridin around in her Mercedes
with Pebbles and Janet, two of the beautiful ladies
When Janet stepped off, I took Pebbles to a hotel
with two of her friends, we spent the night in a motel
(Pebbles, that fox, produced by Babyface?)
No comment. I had her jacked up in doggy style
Deep on the room floor, the bathroom and every style
Her friend was on point, she sucked a powerful mean dick
But I had to show, the Rhythm X never came quick
The other girl - OOH~! She drunk my sperm
I shot in her face, messed up her perm
I let the other girls out and kept Pebbles in
She hit me hard with a score and rated me a 10
She bought me crazy clothes, my boys thought I was vickin her
But even at the studio, at night I was stickin her
But better yet, I wanna fuck her backstage
But good luck, I want them panties to smell
My secret fantasies

("No one know, that's my secret fantasy, yeaaaaah") {*repeat 2X*}

Yo Tim Dog, won't you tell 'em +your+ secret fantasies?

[Tim Dog]
I was in L.A. on Soul Train
En Vogue was in the dressing room
So I broke down the door, and I dropped my drawers
Position, I assumed
Cindy was hot in the ass
She pulled out my ten inch dick
Jerked it off a couple of times, and got me hard
OHH! And she began to lick {*slurps*}
Terri was finger-poppin herself..
She forgot to douche
So I looked at the roach, and I said, 
"No dick, until you go and douche"
Then the short one, you know the one with the fat ass
OOPS~! They ALL have a fat ass
But the one they call Maxine
...she took it in her butthole
She took it quite well
Fuckin that ass like a bat out of hell
Dawn was the freaky one
(How freaky?) Man, she so freaky
She wanted me to pee in her face
(Well, what did you DO?) I pissed in her face!
Terri came back and she was all douched up
Smellin like a bunch of strawberries
She took a Handi Wipe and wiped off my dick
..and the Dog was ready {*woof!*}
I start fuckin {*woof!*}, fuckin {*woof!*}, fuckin {*woof!*}, fuckin {*woof!*}
Fuckin for hours {*woof!*}, 'cause I got the power
Tales from the D-O-G...
My secret fantasy

("No one know, that's my secret fantasy, yeaaaaah") {*repeat 2X*}

Aiyyo Ced, kick it, you perverted motherfucker..

[Ced Gee]
Now this is just not your ordinary fantasy
It's some raw shit, some dope shit, the vanity
Givin me head, cold suckin a mean dick {*slurps*}
Felt so good, had to scream, "Hallelujah, bitch!"
You make Gee feel just like a porno king
You know what to do,m how to play with my ding-a-ling
You sucked, you sucked, then I fucked and fucked
Pull it out of your pussy, ram it straight in ya butt (UH!)
Now you screamin like hell, a bandage ya {?}
You screamin for pity, while I pull on ya titties
{*PBB, PBBT!*} ...I nut in ya eye
My secret fantasies

[Tim Dog]
Yeaaaah, and you know the Gee ain't shy about that at all
("No one know, that's my secret fantasy, yeaaaaah") {*repeat 4X*}

{"I wanna spank that shiny ass, HAHAHAHAHA~!"}