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Artist: T.I. f/ Daz Dillinger
Album:  Urban Legend
Song:   My Life
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Daz: You know it's your life nigga, you do as you please
T.I. : That's right
Daz: But you know when you fuck up
T.I.: huh... dig

Ay, ay, ay
yea, yea, yea, yea
ay, ay, ay
yea, uh yea yeaaa

Daz: Dat Nigga Daz & T.I.'s in the mufuckin' house knahwhatImean?
It's yo life & die

[Chorus: T.I.]
Can't ya see I'm on fyyyaaahh
so quit hatin' on me pimpin' I'm just livin' my life
Think I ain't gon' riiiiiide
on all you pussy niggas tryin' put an end to my life
You can't do it, don't tryyyyyy
I know you sucker niggas wish that you was livin' my life
In white linen I'm flyyyy
Top down in the Spider, be a rider for the rest of my life

[Verse 1: T.I.]
A-town veteran, started at 11
Went and bought an 8-ball, I was stayin' down ever since
That's why it's hard to find a young rap nigga better then
the Bankhead resident, Westside represent
Pimp Squad mobster, Grand Hustle president
Heart of a lion and the nuts of an elephant
"Trap Muzik" heaven sent, you hatin' and it's evident
You tryna stack presidents, I'm tryna set precedents
The comparisons insultin' my intelligence
Cuz real recognize real, and real you ain't never been
And never will
I catch ya where ya chill
Holla at ya where ya live, nigga fuck a record deal
Pimp graduated out the yay to stack a couple mil
Would you figure it'd be a rap nigga I'd have to kill?
My patnas tellin' me "shawty ya have to chill"
But I'ma end up hatin' with the steel, watitis
Still Dope Boy, trap niggas worldwide lovin' me
Haters see the Spider and they wanna put a slug in me
Fuck it, I'm a G, I been a rider, I ain't studyin' it
Ya better get your mind off mine and start hustlin'


[Verse 2: Daz]
As a BG gainin' them stripes
I avenge when I strike
Prey on my victims, blind them niggas all with the light
Get it right, hold it tight, blast with all your might
See we hustle for them grams 'til the early light
Follow my plan, on command, leave them dead where they stand
Ain't no stoppin' the man, nigga with grands in my hand
Livin' the fast lane, Grand Hustle the grand when the cash came
The police book me, take my fingerprints and last name
Now I'm stuck in the cell, how would I maintain?
Loc up on these niggas, the penitentiary mind frame
I strive for perfection, my method is quite collective
Check out the fuckin' way I just rep it
It's Dogg Pound Gangsta in a black stinkin' Lincoln
Rims shinin', fresh paint and T.I. countin' paper
Big moves, stay on deck with the tools
all ya niggas and bitches with niggas get sprayed with the tool


[Verse 3: Daz]
This how we hustle for the paper, cuz the hustle get harder
I'm Dogg Pound out in that Atlanta Brave starter
Money, weed and bitches, 24 inches
conversatin' with T.I., plottin' on gettin' these millions
Down for my niggas murderin', killin',
real in the spot, or on a mission..
All my niggas...y'all know how the fuck we kick it
I'ma...keep my eyes on a meal ticket
Hustle it up, muthafucka we'll kick it

"All Eyez on Me" with my Westside homie
in a drop '65 on D's
Wanna ride on me? I got a 45. on me
In a hurry to die homie? get live on me
Be charged with tryin' an OG
and I'm creepin' thru the crowd low-key
Nigga you don't know me
I learned from niggas befo' me
I got insomnia, shawty, I don't sleep
I bomb, I don't creep


Y'all niggas know how we do this shit, T.I., Dat Nigga Daz yaknahmean
it's my life, your life, our life, his life, let's live it to the fullest

One time for 'Pac... we miss you nigga
One time for Shawty B for keepin' it pimpin'
P$C, Grand Hustle pimp
Fuck nigga let this be a lesson to ya

Y'all niggas better start trainin' man
You better be a damn good ducker nigga when I goddamn let loose with this
chopper ya understand that?
I ain't playin' with y'all niggas
Once the muthafuckin' judge slam that goddamn gavel, nigga got his
muthafuckin' case beat
nigga I'm at y'all ass nigga
Mark my mothafuckin' words fuck boys
I'm layin' low for a reason pimp

Ha....fuck niggas