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Artist: T.I.
Album:  Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head
Song:   Trap Back Jumpin
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[Intro: T.I.]
Yeah, yeeeeeahhhhh
Ay, I say it's 'bout that time

[Chorus: T.I.]
It's time to get trap back jumpin, get shit back poppin hoe (poppin hoe)
I'll show these sucka niggaz how it go (how it go)
I'll show you how to move a lot of blow (uh-huh, uh-huh)
Niggaz say they live but they lyin so (uh-huh, okay, le'go!)
It's time to get trap back jumpin, get shit back poppin bitch (poppin bitch)
Ay, hey who that say I'm not the shit? (Who not the shit?)
Hey really who you know as hot as this?
Seriously, I'll show you how to do this shit

It's time to get them bricks out of that bag, put that scale back on that desk
Sit that vision wear on that stove next to that baking soda and Pyrex
Drop that water off in that pot, let it boil up and get high
Then whip it good with your wrist like that; that's how you triple every brick you get
Made paper off of that yayo, ask Jays about me, bet they know
Your bitch'll fuck when I say so, plus got head-busters on my payroll
This Bankhead homeboy we don't play, violate me and this'll be yo' day
Catch a nigga comin out of D.O.A., hit him with the chopper leave him DOA
You can play with them niggaz, not me okay? Them other niggaz suckas, I'm a G okay?
T.I. K-I-N-G, okay? Just respect that shit and you'll be okay
Let's get this straight once and for all, I run this shit, bar none of y'all
Ain't nann one of y'all niggaz bigger than me; can't none of y'all take this city from me
Take years off and I'm still tight, I half-ass and they still like it
Kick trap shit when I feel like it, dope boys know what I live like
Dinero off kilos, big bank rolls, don't see lows
Off O-Z's make zeros, here we go - AY!


It's time to put that work back in that stash spot, put that rent-a-car on that slab
Hit that highway for 'bout five days then come back and get cash
Got halves, quarters and whole thangs, Chevrolets and them gold thangs
Got Rolexes, got Benzes, and it's all off of that cocaine
It's cold game but it's cool though, work get gone and I move blow
Won't sit on it, it's too low, you got 21, well here you go
I got big whips so sick y'all, and big suites, about six broads
Your shit hot, oh yeah bruh? That shit drop won't sell much
Platinum all on my wall dawg, crib big it's like a mall dawg
I'm doin numbers like call logs, lil' small money I call y'all
My house worth yo' whole life, yo' condo's my old ice
You niggaz barely in first class, I charter G4 flights
Can't tell me shit homie, down here I'm good as it get homie
Ain't nobody got shit on me, I'm a lil' nigga but I'm big homie
I'm big homie, do big shit, no World Cup, I kick shit
Ride foreign but don't forget that I'm back trappin, got more bricks


It's time to get them pre-paids and them Metros back activated, talk in code
Over here we got big blow, next do' pounds of that petro
We get dough off anything, got Activase if you sippin lean
Prescription pills and Molly; even got her-on if you 'bout it
Shawty my shop open up all night, got blocks stacked up all white
Don't like me? That's alright, come fight me, nigga yeah right
A nigga get wrong and gettin dead right, it's yo' ass hoe, get embarrassed hoe
All about my cash flow, yo' new bitch with my last hoe
I got six sluts in my Maybach, six-pack under my tanktop
I got a snub nose that got six shots, nigga try me, I think not
My temper bad, I might blank out, bust a nigga before I can even think 'bout
what I got to lose if he bust a move; well I got to do what I got to do!
Trap rollin (rollin) bumpin (bumpin) always sellin some'in (some'in)
You got it if you want it and whatever for the money
On my grind, they in line for this product from a dime up
They know where to find us, do you know what it's time for?