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Artist: T.I. f/ Lil Wayne
Album:  Trouble Man
Song:   Ball
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Okay we walk off in this bitch, ballin in this bitch
Hoppin out of Lambos and Ferraris in this bitch
Poppin bottles with a thick red supermodel bitch
They may talk a lot of that, but they cant do al ot of this
Ayyy, Rico told me turn the lights on
So I grab the Audemar and threw the ice on
I'm, big dawg, got 'em pissed off
A lot of niggaz rappin, ain't none this raw
They like "Ay look at T.I., ballin in the V.I.
Bunch of bad bitches with a looking like Aaliyah"
We just pull up, hop out, go in and show out
Buy the whole bar, pop bottles go hard

This club so packed, these hoes so drunk {*3X*}
I got a bottle, got a model, got a molly, got a blunt
Ball {*12X*}
I got a bottle, got a model, got a molly, got a blunt

The club full of bad bitches and they came to play
Okay it must be your hair cause it ain't your face
Now if you looking for them bottles and them stacks girl
You make your way up to my section where it's at girl
Okay now do you wanna kick it with a nigga with a meal ticket
Broke nigga lookin mad, they just gotta deal with it
Get right hoe, roll the dice hoe
And you ain't gotta be a dyke cause you like hoe
But e'ryday I step behind a wall
I do it big, ride fly, stunt, shine and ball
I got, a bunch of money, so come and get it from me
And a bucket full of bottles, bust it open if you wanna get drunk


[Lil Wayne]
Yeah Tip! ...
Ain't no nigga like a Young Money nigga
Pop that pussy like a gun, pull the trigger
Shake that ass like a salt shaker
I keep a L lit up like an elevator
Bitch shake it like a dog, hop like a frog, ride it like a horse
I throw that dick like darts
Drink all muddy, flag all bloody
I'm killin these hoes like that nigga Ted Bundy
I'm a good lookin rapper, I ain't tryin to stunt
I'ma +fire+ my blunt like Donald Trump
Where you at hoe? Where you at hoe?
Can a nigga stick key up in your back do'? Tunechi

[Chorus] - 1/2

And do your thing in +Slow Motion+ like Soulja Slim
And come around +Wipe Me Down+ like Boosie dem
And back that thang up for me, to show me that you love me
If it's really too much for you, you can bring a couple buddies
Everyday I do my thang, big stones and chains
She let me drill all in her mouth, no novacane
Them other broke niggaz, all they did was told ya thangs
I could get you on that G4 and show you thangs
I like my women fat ass, pretty toes and thing
Long hair don't care as long as none down there
If it's manicured I can have fun down there
Take you to whatever club, throw some money in the air