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Artist: T.I. f/ Big K.R.I.T.
Album:  I'm Flexin' (S)
Song:   I'm Flexin'
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[Intro: T.I.]
(Hold it) Yah, it's the King, cuh
You know my demo, (Hold it) Maybachs, no limos, homes
I'm sacked up too (Hold it) I don't know what dem folk doin
I'm flexin though patna', (Hold it) leh'go, K.R.I.T.
[Chorus: T.I.] (Big K.R.I.T.)
(Hold it, hold it now) I'm flexin shawty 
(Hold it now) I'm stupid, hoe
(Hold it, hold it now) I'm reppin shawty 
(Hold it now) Bitch, you ain't know?
(Hold it, hold it now) I Gucci, patna
(Hold it now) I Louis'd down
...Don't do it, patna
(Hold it now) or it's goin down
Yeah, I wear strap and roll on my Louie's, hoe 
Akoo be matchin my kicks, bitch
Paparazzi everywhere I go
Got cameras all in my bih'ness (Haaaaah!)
I rep the town, hold it down 
Cruise all around in my old school
My speakers loud and my reefer too 
I ain't speakin, bitch, do you I know you?
Feds want me back behind that wall 
It's the only place that I cain't go
I'm focused dawg, I ain't wit' that fuck shit 
Thank it's sweet, but it ainít though
I'm tried and true when I'm ridin through
I ain't hidin, they can just hate me
My top is down and my pockets fat 
and my diamonds clearer than HD
I rep the west of that A like this
Zone 1, I'm talkin bout Bankhead (Bankheaaaaad~!)
Still in the trap like a goddamn brick
'cause I love the hood, the king ain't dead
My +Hustle Grand+, my money long
My spot on top, but y'all want that
My position vacant, my crown await
And my throne is empty, I own that
Folks to Kirkwood and Ben Hill too
Summerhill to Pittsburgh and all that
Real goons will ride with me to Timbuktu
I ain't Gucci dude, but you called that
Marietta, East Point to Ol' Nat' area (I see you)
Riverdale to Center Hill all day
Decatur to Simpson Road, Zone 4, 4th Ward (A-Town stand up, homes!)
Niggaz fuck with me always
Them so-called dopeboys ain't sold enough
OGs' ain't old enough
Emcees ain't dope enough
I still split yo' coconut
You so-so, I'm like that (what?)
Tight work bounce right back (What?!)
Make room for your bitch, dawg
Nigga, gon' get off my sack
That loud pack I blow big
Always stunt so big
PLEASE don't get it wrong homie
or them Gs gon bust your wig
The A is mine, no questions asked
The king home, bitch, the best is back
My swag is turnt just like my sack
I'm flexin shawty, who's stoppin THAT?
[Chorus 2X]
[Outro: T.I.]
Okay mayne, you don't see what's in yo' face, big dawg?
Yeah man, big banks no whammys, dawg you understand that?
Yo, doin real, I'm talkin 'bout, REAL proper, patna
You understand that? I got that sack, bruh
Prison ain't changed shit, homeboy
You understand that? Rubberbands on deck, that's why, homes
Yeah, Big K.R.I.T., let's do this shit one time, man
A-Town to M-Town, patna, it goin down