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Artist: T.I. f/ Trae Tha Truth
Album:  Paperwork
Song:   On Doe, On Phil
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yea, uh huh
Fuck them niggas, fuck them niggas
Sucka ass nigga
Slap yo nose off yo face (fuck them niggas)

[Verse 1: T.I.]
Look, I'm big time nigga
Ya'll too small to me
And I don't dig ya'll niggas
So stop callin' me
This ain't a peace sign bitch
It mean two to ya head
You know I'm quick to hit ya patna in the chest with the choppa
And ya boo in the leg
Still reppin' A town nigga
Center Hill what's up
Zone 1 Bank head nigga
Tote a gun and you better vest up
You know my nigga quick to hit a nigga chick
Quick to hit a lick, Quick to run a check up
Dope Boy we the best of nigga
Raise Techs up nigga
Try to check us try me
I'm a bust his head quick fast Ricky Bobby
Ask his patna what the fuck he wanna do about it nada
Huslte Gang bang green all about a doller
Better hold her hand if you give a shit about her
When you bring her round me, all I know
I'm a get some head right before I go
Gotta problem we can handle this shit off top
Got the thing let it pop
Cool as a cough drop
100 on the watch ball and a decade in
None of my niggas fightin' less the rest came in
Was a trial defendant sitting till the check came in
100 of them 21 run it do it again
I ain't got no co-defendant just my family and friends
And a trunk full of chopper rifles, handles and pins
Loaded down in an old brown Buick sedan
Lookin' for it on the way to Alabama again

[Chorus: T.I.]
On everything I love nigga put it on something
Put it on Doe
Nigga put it on something
Put it on Phil
Nigga put it on Something
Put it on Doe
(I'll) put it on something
Put it on Phil
(I'll) Put it on Doe (Nigga put it on Doe)
(I'll) put it on phil (Nigga put it on Phil)
Nigga put it on doe, Nigga put it on doe
Pussy Nigga I'm Trill

[Verse 2: Trae The Truth]
King of the streets graduated from the bottom
All red whip looking like somebody shot em
Still up in the hood with a sack and a pack
40 cal fully loaded, never leaving here without him
Real niggas extinct, feelin' like somebody got em
But I know I got to do it for the team Hustle Gang nigga
If you disrespect that
I black the lac
Hop out the back
No flack and do my thing nigga
Rappin' or not just know ain't nothing changed nigga
It still a get ugly you get up in my range nigga
Hustle Gang Asshole I'm the same nigga
That got that fire ain't no way to kill the flame nigga
On God, I put it on crip
I put it on Screw, I put it on Pat
I put it on Pimp, I put it on Hawk
Gotta do it like a G, I know they never coming back
Word to mamma C, I'm trill with it for life
If I can do it again, I come back and do it twice
I don't give a fuck about nothing to be precise
Have bullets running through a nigga crib like they was mice
Pussy nigga got me 38 like I'm a spice
You don't wanna see the truth pissed off
I'll shut a whole neighborhood down
One light that's green, You'll know when shit kick off nigga


[Verse 3: T.I]
Run up on a nigga what it hittin' for?
Point blank, left his brain on the window
Had the chain, had a stain on my timbos
Insane in the brain, gone mental
Catch me riding in a range rover rental
With some bad bitches wanna chill like a mento
Now here's a mental memento you didn't know
You can fit a bird times 12 in Sorentos
Kill go to [?] drop it on they ass like I didn't have a deal
Still in the trap, keep it real like Madea