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Artist: T.I. f/ The-Dream
Album:  Paperwork
Song:   Let Your Heart Go (Break My Soul)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus: The-Dream]
We said we'd never be
Just a memory
And even though it breaks my soul
Still I never let your heart go

We're running way too fast
Chasing down that blue grass
Hope I didn't break your soul
And know I never let your heart go

[Verse 1]
Aight man, remember all a nigga had
With 20 grand cash, it was all in the bag
And we got it all with the crack
Lookin for the plug in the mall with the gat
No, you never loan me a pair but he loan me a ride with it all in the back
How could you just call me with that
Acting like you think you gettin all of it back
Still remember standin all alone in the trap
Waitin on a plate, lookin for a way
And damn a big car pull up on me one day
Got a homie [?]
Huh, and it's been long since then
Damn can't believe you been gone since then
Huh, I really miss my nigga
Tramel [?] this for you, know you up there nigga

[Chorus: The-Dream]

Ay, if you miss your nigga like I miss my nigga
Sing, sing
Ite, on the inside nigga you still tough

[Verse 2]
Ay, remember when we just 16
Mind on one thing, gotta be street kings
Now we numb like morphine
To the gunplay everyday is a war scene
But ya'll was my nigga
No matter what I knew I could call on my nigga
And any bullshit involving my niggas
30 rounds in the clip, spray it all for my niggas
Yeah, cap, we were just teenagers
Provin to the g's in the hood we able
We ball on these haters
Doin a movie screen made ya, you and me playa
Damn, why they have to give my nigga life
We can ball like a God 'til we bring him back
Really miss you nigga and ain't a motha fuckin lie
Pimp squad til we die, free my nigga cap

[Chorus: The-Dream]

[Verse 3]
Huh, I admit it I've seen
Back in the day how silly I seemed
Selling cocaine wasn't really my dream
Could get my family farther than anyone seen
Ay, and if anyone seen where I made it today probably really one thing
One 12 in the face, no he finna run games
Ain't gon trick me into sayin one name
Nope, well go sit in the cell about that
For weeks I was mad in a hell about that
Police sayin shit really wasn't my shit
It was his and he knew I wasn't playin bout that
Hey, for every time I'm strapped
The 12 ride by, they ain't finding my strap
Judge woulda had a nigga heart by that
A nigga woulda sensed some blood by that

[Chorus: The-Dream]