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Artist: T.I. f/ Usher
Album:  Paperwork
Song:   At Ya Own Risk
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus: Usher]
Don't be bullshitin' with me
I don't care if you've got a boyfriend or not, girl
It's at ya own risk if you're kicking with me
'Fore it be over you be spending the night, girl
I can see, you look like you're ready to ride
And girl obviously, it's been true, ooo you wanna give it to me

Ridin' off in Hollywood
Kicking it with hotter bitches, all they get's a lot of wood
Give it to 'em hardcore, all they do is holla good
[?] be suck, strokin', I lean in it follow through it
She's so sexy, her complexion say she from Bollywood
In my section, I wonder will a thousand dollar do it
If not a fifty or a hundred, still I gotta do it
You surely would, if you were me then for sure you could
Get her and her parter at the [?]
Have 'em both fuckin' and suckin' to [?]
Heard nigga you with baby he don't want no problem
If your man ain't a killer, what the fuck I care about him
No comparison ain't nothin' rare about him
Witness saying he was just standing there and then they shot him
Trigger got no [?] when that thing squeeze
Or they catch a body to make you my main squeeze, yeah


[?] triple black, Bentley matte white
She said she don't like girls, she did that night
They were taking turns, I was taking flights
In competition man them bitches hit that pipe
Going down on it
If it ain't a bad bitch then I don't want it
Ain't no mediocre
Experiment with pretty bitches, that's the shit I told her
As long as they got pretty toes and they ain't got a odour
And showed her, how to stack paper to foldin'
Colder than eskimo shoulders
You strong with it, I don't play
Four four for the vultures
Eat pussy Lord yes is she looking gorgeous
And you're just a lot of talk
Them three got on the molly then the four of us we got it off
And they ain't get paid like they playing college ball
Go out receive a cock and balls
Bullshit me, not at all


Quit playing with me
I know you got a nigga he just gon' be mad at me
So if you love 'em, think he's special, don't come home with me
Cause when I get you to my crib you gon' belong to me
I understand if you don't wanna go
Just know what's gon' happen once we get through the door
Promising you something you ain't never seen before
Say you with me if you down I ain't tellin' nobody
So tell me what you gon' do
When you ready you can fall through
You can bring a friend too
Say you with me if you down I ain't tellin' nobody
So tell me what you gon' do
Yeah you can fall through
You can bring your friend too