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Artist: T.I.
Album:  No Mercy
Song:   Salute
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Yeah (yeah)

[Chorus - T.I.]
Aye, when you see me salute
Me like a general, I'm leadin the troops
I make this G shit look so easy to do
Aye, when you see me salute (yeah)
Commander-in-chief, you can see I'm the truth (yeah)
It don't matter whether the streets or the booth
When you see me salute

Aye, when you see me salute
When you see me salute (yeah)
Yeah (yeah), you ain't gotta speak homie, when you see me salute

[Verse 1 - T.I.]
Raise, your right hand to your hairline
Stand at attention, hold it there 'til you recognize (yeah)
Once I return the salutation (yeah)
Then it's at ease, as you were, no conversation
Well, unless you're sayin "what it do, G?"
Decorated five-star general, a true G (yeah)
Haha, made it fresh up off the battlefield (yeah)
Rep it for my niggaz in the battle still
Yeah, with more stripes than a jail suit
Been in the lead, trail who? When I fell through (yeah)
Bitches stand in they jails, takin pictures with they cells (yeah)
Hey, let me tell you somethin about a player
Put me anywhere in any jail and I shall prevail
If another man survived, I shall as well
Now (yeah), fuck rap, got swag for sale
You crossed my path (yeah), in the air of Brazil


[Verse 2 - T.I.]
I'm abstain from the nonsense
Remain conscious, that idiots make idiotic comments (yeah)
A convict with a conscious
You lack morals (yeah), I can see your principles are not what my mines is
So I guess what makes me special just a give and a curse
Like shit that get you rich at first, will put your dick in the dirt
That's why (yeah), I ain't gotta be the greatest of all time (yeah)
Long as I kept it real in all my rhymes, I'm fine
I ain't lyin, give me mine and I'm satisfied
I'm just happy I got to make it before my daddy died (yeah)
And all things considered (yeah)
Everytime destiny called, King delivered
None iller, a young heart with an old soul
Some hot hoes and a cold flow (yeah)
And as far as keepin it real go, homie when you meet me (yeah)
Don't forget the proper way to greet me