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Artist: The Game f/ Pharrell, Snoop Dogg
Album:  California Republic Mixtape
Song:   Roll My Shit
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[Intro: Game]
"California Republic" mixtape

[Chorus: Snoop Dogg] + (Pharrell)
Nigga I tell a bitch quit (heyyy)
Sit down, shut up and floss my shit
My music gone, all that talkin ain't it (heyyy)
So sit down, shut up and roll my shit (now)
Now smoke with me, I got my folk with me
Now take this money and hold this all for me
Now let it soak for me, now bitch is you wit it?
I gots to get it, I got-gots to get it

{"Check-check it out"}
{"D-D-DJ Skee"}

When I wake up in the morning sometimes I feel like goin back to sleep
But I gotta keep this product on the street
... Tryna take over my turf
Stretch me out in a hearse cause that is what it's worth
Baby mama keeps sweatin a nigga, cause the rent's due
Two sons, daughter on the way, I think I'm fin's to
get out on these streets, stack this money like Bill Gates
And do whatever it takes to keep my family straight
Livin in Compton, some say it's suicide
Crossin the street and catch a bullet from a drive-by
My homie Dez got it sippin on at St. Ives
So many dead homies when I hear about it I can't cry
I lost my grandmother, that's when I flipped
Only decision to make now, Blood or a Crip
Drove across the tracks, opened up the door on my 'llac
Put the dope in the front, hop in the back
It was like that


Throw on some clothes, grab the fo' and hit the back do'
Hop the back gate and meet the fiends by the liquor sto'
Cops drive by, lookin at us like we stole somethin
They hit the brakes, that's when everybody start runnin
8-ball in my sock, sprintin down the block
Cut through the projects and that's when I threw the Glock
Goddamn it feel good to be home free
The city where they don't sleep, right next to Long Beach
Hard to survive in this motherfuckin jungle
Runnin with the wrong niggaz, that'll take you under
That's what happened to my nigga Big Will
Trust the wrong bitch, that's what got his ass killed
A blunt and some Hennessy, a lot of good memories
How do you survive when everybody's your enemy?
Before you brush your teeth grab your strap
Cause niggaz'll pull the jack, and bitches'll peel your cap
Believe that


Ain't nothin better than a down ass bitch
When you're locked up in the pen and she's sendin you naked flicks
On the tear reminiscin like a mother
Two strikes on your case file, locked upstate now
Tell me, how the fuck I'm 'posed to be a father to my kids?
Son gangbangin cause his daddy doin nine years
And that happens in every hood in America
Shoot your own brother up and wonder why they scared of ya
And your momma at home without a backbone
Your girl gettin tired of waitin so she get her back blown
by your homie, that used to be your man
And you can't do shit, cause you're sittin in the can
And when you get out, you'll probably go and kill this nigga
On his third strike, man the jury 'bout to kill this nigga
That's why I don't trust a nigga or a bitch
Cause either way a nigga always end up caught up in some shit


[Outro: Snoop Dogg]
Yeah, game recognize game nephew
See when a bitch with me, she know off the top
She gon' sit down, shut the fuck up, and roll my motherfuckin weed
Talkin is not an issue, you understand me?
Bitch you do as I say
When I tell you to talk, you talk
and I ain't told you to talk so shut the fuck up
You hear me? Real pimp shit nigga, West Coast
We stay keepin our hoes in check
See that's y'all problem man
Bitches takin y'all to court, runnin you niggaz crazy
Got niggaz wanna kill theyself
Man, fuck a bitch man
I crack a bitch, seven dizzles and wizzle, you understand me?
I keep bitches like I keep weed
I got blueberry, AK-47, train wreck
Whatever you need, you dig?
That's it, haha

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