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Artist: The Four Horsemen
Album:  The Horsemen Project
Song:   Scrolls
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[Chorus: Kurupt & Canibus]
Dont play them games, not for play, not today
say what you say, not for play, not to day
we horseman man, you fools insane, locked the game
we spit flames, not for play, not today

Each day I dip sometimes I trip
this gangsta shit (west gangsta shit)
I just don't give a fuck
I gallop role I'm in control
I like gettin high in G mode
with the homeys just lettin all the weed blow
fired up, nigga what you thought it was
buz cause nigga I don't give a fuck

Niggaz like us don't give a fuck
Canibus and Kurupt, choke a nigga up
comin through in the four by four truck
chromed from the flour up, with ?????
white air force ones with the low cut
I'm in the back of the jeep gettin ?????
me and my dawg Kurupt spark that skunk
I know I'm a G cos' my name start with one


We Horseman man the next Wu-Tang
you know the name, Killah Priest and Kurupt
Ras Kass to you heard of us
we go to the club, curse and cus
start that buzz, thats wots up
spike the punch, fight and fuzz
rush that stage for the mic and bus
straight up cause I love them guts
dont call me unless you invite some sluts
36C cup with big butts
I pay big books to get my dick sucked
she can spit it up, then lick it back up
thank you very much, there you go slut
a Benjamin Franklin was more than enough
write your number down ill be in touch


A Benjamin Franklin was more than enough
bitch give me that cash before I fuck you up
genuine banging in the deck
same old G, D.P.G
show you somethin gangstafied
do or die, gangstafied
run and ride, now ride don't run
fuck that nigga, blast that nigga
lay that nigga, I spray that nigga
AK that nigga off weed and liquer
I drop a switch, fuck a bitch
smash and dip with hollow tips
????? me up, what the fuck
Canibus and Kurupt choke a nigga up
flippin through the cut, flash flood
fluctuate ?????, pistol tooked, nigga


[Kurupt: talking]
none of you bustas, yeah, horsementality, yeah
Canibus, yeah, Ras Kass bitch, yeah, Killah Priest fucker
yeah, the Kurupt Young Gotti, yeah, horsemen, smash

[Canibus: talking]
we horseman man, not today
we locked the game, not today