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Artst: Lil Fame & Termanology f/ Bun B
Album: Fizzyology
Song:  Hustler's Ringtone
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[sample from "Poisonous Products" by Boogie Down Productions]
"Make it sweet, NOW!!"

[Intro: Termanology] + (Lil Fame)
Get dat guap, gotta get dat guap
Get, get dat guap, gotta get dat guap
Get, get dat guap, gotta get dat guap
Gotta get dat guap, get, get dat guap
(This is the ringtone...)
(Hustler's ringtone...)
Get dat guap, gotta get dat guap
Gotta get dat guap, get, get dat guap

So what? I sell twenty dollar bags of the lye
Smoke half the weed and I never throw five
I'm so live, I could sell a honey jar
to a beehive and they'd never realize
I'm so true, and so fool
like I rolled through a black church sellin soul food
("NOW!!") Huh, so if you like the watch
The shit stolen, but it shine, call it +Icy Hot+
Ch'eah; and I ain't stressin if I might get dropped
cause I never been signed, see the way that I rhyme
I'm a hustler muh'fucker I don't follow the line
I'll sell anything that God's mind made or designed
Outrageous is how I'm, comin off to some people
You still can't deny the boy stay on his grind
I'm a grade A hustler, smuggler, embezzler
And since you a customer go holla at the register

[Chorus: Termanology] + (Lil Fame)
(This is the ringtone...) Get get dat guap
(Hustler's ringtone...) Get get dat guap
(I sell it for cheap homes...) Gotta get dat guap
(Got what you need homes...) Get dat guap
(Hit me on my cell phone...) Get get dat guap
(This is the ringtone...)
Get, get dat guap, gotta get dat guap
Gotta get dat guap, get, get dat guap

[Bun B]
Let's get it... yeah~!
You already know it's Mr. No Promo
Give me beats by Primo, I go in, no homo
Give me beats by Fame I'll make you +Famous+ like +Billy+
+Danze+ keep your hands where I can see 'em - no really
"Get 'Em High" like Talib, cause the heater sittin
next to my rib, is ready and willin, cause that's how I live
("NOW!!") Gotta get home to my kids, wifey and mommy too
So for nothin less than that, homey I will body you
Wrap up rappers like candy; with the microphone I'm kinda handy
so sucker MC's can't stand me
Twinkle toes niggaz dressin dandy
I fuck over your plan A, so try a plan B! (Aw naw)
Term' said that tight pants is for chicks
And some of you cats got cameltoes instead of dicks
(Instead of dicks) Pause!! You got a pussy in your drawers
Hear my ringtone and haters start callin the laws
Pack it up we gotta go


Soon as I wakes up doe!
Aiyyo, whatever he slang he do it on prepaid
It's no trace when he gettin his papes
I stretch, 9 eightballs out a O-Z
Fuck that 3.5 shit we sell 'em for 3
Huh, I cakes up, soon as I wake up
Got a hundred grams in the room I gotta break up
("NOW!!") Break down, bag up
Ship it out, re-up
You wanna stretch it you gotta recompress it
And if they wanna test it you tell 'em hit the exit (Fuck outta here!)
'Less they wanna cook, they you gotta sell 'em raw
Sell 'em that butter shit, they comin back for more
'til 3 or 4, round 5 or 6
They be comin back around for another fix
I know this other chick, she be whylin out
Two cheeseburgers talkin 'bout "I'll suck yo' dick!"
(Fuck you say?)