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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Devin the Dude, Kutt Calhoun
Album:  The Gates Mixed Plate
Song:   Afterparty
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yo, what's up where you at? (Leavin' the club)
Meet me at the crib baby (Alright)
How many you got with you baby? (Three)
Alright let' party let's go!

What's up where you at baby? (Leavin' the spot)
Meet me at the crib baby (O.K.)
How many you got with ya? (Four)
Alright come party, let's go! (Let's do it)

[Verse 1 - Tech N9ne]
After the club we
Usually go straight to chub base
That's where the 3 in the morning grub be
And even though icons is lovely
Tonight the pad is gonna be a must see
Cause hussies are coming to give up they pussys
Trust me

They comin' to muff me
Plus three
Maxzilla, Irv and Big Nick we's bout to bust V
Open until we lust free
She sucked D
Gushed me
Then roughly
Rode this dingaling like a huffy
Another 36 cup D
Came into the room to fuck me
She said Techa Ninna touch me
Your dick is thick and husky
It must be
Like a ride at Cedar Point in Sandusky
Well whaddya know baby girl rushed me
The TNA was so silky and fluffy
I crushed B
And not one of these broads is ugly
Till the next morning when they crawl in they hubby snuggy
Lookin' rough as rugby

Ye, we hit the spot if we choose her then she dippin' out
To take her to my house (It's the afterparty)
We can all (Get naughty)
And take our clothes off

You can take the under-route
Tell your man you at your momma house
No but really (It's the afterparty)
And we all (Get naughty)
Take our clothes off

[Verse 2 - Kutt Kalhoun]
Full of that liquor
Ready to stick all this dick up in her
Bitch out at Nina's
I never seen but I'm fixin to fuck
Already popin I'm running late
But just minutes away
Was told to grab condoms from up at walmart
and bring em with me

Soon as I enter my cock's attending a chicken brigade
Somebody's pussy about to get cooked rather chicken fillet
Found me a victim
We made our way through the kitchen
into the garage
and the ?? was bout to begin

Lethargically sucking
heartily fuckin
with pinky to meat
So I told the slut
to hike up her butt
and let Kutt intervene
All in her guts
In between
The Benz and the buck and the scream
Nigger you're fuckin my whole linin up
With my husband to be

Drowning too much in the V
Shut the fuck up and I ease out
Take off the condom and I sprout
On her butt with relief

Just another episode of back to naughty?
Techa Nina I can't thank you enough
for the afterparty


[Verse 3 - Devin the Dude]
When freaks come out at night
The freakiest stays out the latest
They hit the afterparty
They got somebody take care of they baby so it's cool
No rules no security gaurds
Let your hair down
Yeah now do what you want
Maine, fire up the weed
Whenever you please
Best believe
That you got the green light
The special guest is me
And we been drinkin and smokin all night
It's time to find a hoe to be strokin my pipe
A bitch quickly grab my dick and ask why it was so soft
I said that it would go off
She gave it a quick blow off
And she did
And me dick
Start to rise
She opened her eyes to a surprise

Her thighs was moist
It was my choice to go up in it
for a minute
put my dick up in it

She said it was spendid
She usually charge niggas
They like to rent it
I told her put it on my bill bitch and send it