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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ Krizz Kaliko, Lil Wayne, T-Pain
Album:  All 6's and 7's
Song:   Fuck Food
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Yeah, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh
Yeah, yeaaah (can you see?)
Oh-oh-oh (she's mine), oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh (she's mine)

[Tech N9ne] + (T-Pain)
Yum, a stick of 5 gum is the taste on my tongue
But for the right one, I'll spit it out and place her right on
The night's young, meaning we minus the bright sun
and I'm numb like I'm inside 'em like white on a ripe bun
Like that one, baby stacked with a fat one
Action-packed with a rack and little bit of that 'gnac, she's passed done
Got a thirty-six pack of Magnums, I'm Vlad and I'll bag 'em
Put a bitch in a sack and bring her back
and then I gotta go and leave a lash from the passion
(I'm crazy) Sick as hell for the ladies
They don't give a damn that I'm manic, even though I'm so shady
Baby girl, but don't play me, I ain't tryna have no babies
But baby, you braised and so savory
Wanna excite ya, ignite the fight, so honey taunt me
I just wanna bite you and watch you drip out Romanee-Conti
That's eleven Gs, angel from Heaven, she's
seven threes, hot egg and cheese for Pain, Tech and Weez'

[Chorus: T-Pain]
I know what you saying, but you know I ain't playing
Tryna get my dick sucked through my jeans, and oh-oh-oh
(Girls sure look like fuck food to me
 Girls-girls sure look like fuck food to me)
Yeah, spin the booty round, drop it to the ground
Let it make a sound, d-do it baby
Do it like that, let me see the kitty cat
Let me hit it from the back, foot up baby, oh
(Girls sure look like fuck food to me
 Girls-girls sure look like fuck food to me)
Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

[Lil Wayne]
Uh, now put that pussy on my lip and dip
Yeah, let's make a movie, I'ma flip the script
Yeah, I wax that ass like a Q-Tip
Yeah, float in that pussy like a cruise ship
Uh, cause I'm a nasty motherfucker
Yeah, I eat that pussy like the last supper
Yeah, I beat that pussy like brass knuckles
Heh, she call me daddy and she scream uncle
Open up and spread, I'm pulling her hair, she pulling my dreads
I'm breaking her off, we breaking the bed
Fuck her like a dog, she shaking her leg
I'm killing it soft, I'm making it red
I'm making her talk, I'm making her beg
I'm making her crawl, I'm making her run
I'm making it numb, I'm making it cum
I am Young Weezy F. Baby
She wish she could make a copy of my dick and save it (haha)
Now close your mouth, don't waste it
I got that fuck food baby, come taste it, Tunechi!


[Tech N9ne] + (Lil Wayne)
When I get my mittens on this kitten
she'll be bitten, then she missing
Cause she fucked up and let the Tech in, cancelled all of her ex-men
If you think you got it nigga, say it with your chest then
I'm gon' be your sex friend, ripping off her dress then
nibbling on her neck and I'm making her wet with no question
Yeah, animal magnetism, the sadomasochism
Got way more cash to give 'em, but they don't ask just twist 'em
I don't have to give 'em stacks for me to mash within 'em
I'm they master, hit 'em with a lash and a nigga fast to stick 'em
Ay, and I like 'em all colors, multi-mack can make 'em all love us
and make 'em do all of us, and we don't be tripping on it cause we all brothers
Y'all slippers if y'all be tripping over broads, fuck it
the policy, he keep his cards shuffled
The bitch will wanna let her jaws touch us, jaw crushers
Anybody outside don't get much news from me
cause I get it in but I keep it on the hush (who's the G?)
This rush, you agree, this is stuff dude for fee
But the girls sure (look like fuck food to me, ay!)

[Krizz Kaliko]
I don't know what you feel, I don't know what you think
I don't know what you see, my nigga
(But girls sure look like fuck food to me
 Girls-girls sure look like fuck food to me)


[Krizz Kaliko] + (T-Pain)
Now you see what I see
The lady's mine, mine, mine, mine, mine
Are you seeing what I see? (Can you see?)
The lady's mine (she's mine), mine, mine, mine, mine (she's mine)