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Artist: Talib Kweli & Styles P f/ Common, Little Vic
Album:  The Seven
Song:   Teleprompters
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[Talib Kweli]
Hey, they lovin how the cut's so premium
They vegan but it's 35% more meatier
Jamla is the squad, Javotti and WAR Media (squad)
The industry is greedy and makin it more tedious
For me to just, get the shit directly to the fans
Come to the show, I'll put it directly in your hands
Trap in the {?}, yo they love to say we back again
These half-ass rappers be cheatin like Ashley Madison (yeah)
That's why we hackin 'em, lemme ask is it impossible to be anonymous
when the presence in the mark is so dominant? (Fuck society)
Mr. Robot, voice of the apocalypse
The rapper with the golden esophagus, I tower like an obelisk
Egyptian symbologist try to follow it
My words'll paint pictures, my hieroglyphics are hardest script
to read, MC's believe in passin the buck
I give 'em lashes with my African tongue
Come on!

[Chorus: Little Vic]
Teleprompters tellin lies (broadcasting live)
Helicopters in the sky-y,-y-y (hold on)
Tell the coppers not to lie (they gon' lie, they gon' lie)
Fell on top of us, we don't die, we don't die-ie-ie

We um, we um, we um we um we um (yeah)
Come from where niggaz know drums
Beat downs, cops on beats, beats from Jeeps
Street sounds playin for keeps, it's the way we impeach
Dead presidents, yo, print your money out
Nigga had paper, so we took the money route
Sheets get rolled up like housekeepers
My guy don't leave the house, without reefer
Eager for the evening, the night is like breathin
We do wrong for all the right reasons
I'm fresh like I'm teethin, take a bite of the apple
Wear my heart on my sleeve like a tattoo
Hold the torch like a statue of liberation
Ain't no limitations, this is generation - woo!
The smell of new, up in this bitch, we in this bitch
The fever pitch of the seasoned and rich, the infamous


[Styles P]
Emphasize on enterprise, contribute to genocide
What you know about greed?
So I get to weedin in the beach, tryin to reach
my ancestors with my speech to leave somethin with my seeds
We be on the corner like a stop sign
I ain't scared to pop mine, but I take account for my deeds
One time I didn't and they say that it's written
But niggaz'll never know if they don't take time to read
The jewels don't glitter on the page
Told the demons shoot the fade full of rage but I move with such ease
I ain't full of poison, my vibration is up
Devastatin the white noise while blazin 'em up
I'm peaceful, I pray to the East too
North, South and West cause I know what the streets do
Know what police do, if you ain't got the vision you see-through
They'll leave you in the water like seafood
I'm Sifu