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Artist: Talib Kweli f/ Abby Dobson, Nelly
Album:  Prisoner of Conscious
Song:   Before He Walked
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[Intro: Talib] + (Abby)
(And he could rhyme before he walked)
Brand new day, aiyyo (born)
If you passionate about what you do like I'm passionate about this music
(On the after beat) This song is for YOU
(He patted his foot before he walked)
It's like I can't breathe
When I wake up in the morning I can't breathe, until I listen
(When Buddy Bolden tuned up you could hear him clean across the RIVER)
I feed my family, I affect the world
And y'all along for the ride
(And he could rhyme before he walked)
Let's go!

[Chorus: Abby Dobson]
Like medicine in times of war
Helps me get over
The sweetest sounds I ever heard
My joy, my heart, my music
Like medicine in times of war
Helps me get over
The sweetest sounds I ever heard
My joy, my life, my music
He could rhyme before he walked

I'm from a small city, but I had big dreams
Had some good ideas, but I had better schemes
I thought the hustle way for me was etched in stone
until my partner died and his name etched in stone
My daughter's growin up, my son on the way
They closin in on me, it feel like any day
Music saved me, swooped in like the Navy
Put a lifetime of scars on these sixteen bars
So, I took the vow and made music my life
Yep I proposed and made music my wife
And if I ever need to cut a nigga music's my knife
And if I need to bring the girls together music's my dyke
So, yep I degraded and I hate it, even cried through it
I watch brothers prophesize about dyin through it
Music gave me knowledge of self
And now my knowledge of self done gave me knowledge of wealth
And I'm gone

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Talib Kweli]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, heh, music a part of me
I'm a bully, beatin up the track with brutal honesty
The truth inside of me, rappers hit the booth and they lie to me
I'm usin the inspiration Guru provided me
I'm redefinin the space, you could call me the new geometry
A picture of you pop up, when I Google "monotony"
Now all the people who frugal and spend responsibly
think your album is trash and it's not the voodoo economy
So you expectin the conscious and introspective views
Eat your lyrical vegetables, let me tell you what's best for you
My music give you a message true and respect is due
But music is emotion that's lost on the intellectuals
A tree that fall in the forest is never heard
amongst the sparrows and the robins and even the ghetto birds
You download it for free, but what I create is sacred
It cost you nothin but I pay to make it

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Talib Kweli]
I was born on the after beat - I'm like Robert Johnson
when he reached the +Crossroads+, me and the devil have to meet
I saw the same thing as 'Clef and Lauryn when they saw it
Lauryn went lookin for God and 'Clef kept tourin
We listen to the same songs but we hear 'em different
Serenadin death like we got a fear of livin
Havin a sťance on stage cause the spirit risen
Stoppin devilish ways with clever displays of lyricism
These songs are our natural resources
Our actual street stories attract the police forces
Slaves to the rhythm, the masters they eat off us

[Abby Dobson]
And he could rhyme before he walked