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Artist: Talib Kweli f/ Big K.R.I.T., Gary Clark, Jr.
Album:  Gravitas
Song:   Demonology
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[Intro: Talib Kweli]
I see 'em, I see 'em
You don't see 'em?
For real?!
Look around son
Look around son
Uhh, yeah, yeah

[Talib Kweli]
Take a trip, I got you floatin on this real spit
I rock the boat so much you get nauseous and start to feel sick
Too many house niggaz, I'm takin them on a field trip
Your fate is sealed, I like to come with a kill switch
My wife said I got demons I've yet to deal with
But I ain't tryin to hear her though, my music is my mirror though
They like to put me on a pedestal for conscious rap
My flesh is edible, it's hard to keep the monsters back
The polar opposite, of too emotional
Got feelings and emotions, just hopin I don't, overdose
And miss the moments tryin to control them 'til I won't overlord
I'm hard to handle me, get dismantled and now I'm home alone
I power trip like I'm samplin Hubert Laws no more
I got honor, face my karma like a Buddhist law
I got my own demons, what I'm supposed to do with yours?
I got my own demons, what I'm supposed to do with yours?

[Chorus: Talib Kweli]
Too many demons in the dance hall
And they stompin on what you stand for
Dorothy Parker in the tub with her pants on
Ready for a night at the opera with the phantom
They live in the shadows of the angels
The punchlines of the rap battles to entertain you
Proof that evil words can maim you
Proof that evil words can maim you

[Talib Kweli]
Demons want a pound of my flesh, it's quite accurate
It's tragic when you feel like your lawyer the devil advocate
Legal-ese ain't a language, they made it up
No wonder I'm losin blood everybody takin a cut
Speakin of tongues stick to quittin your funds
Beatin the drums of war, to fry lines to your unfortunate sons
You think boys point guns when they run to the sun?
A decoy, Pink Floyd, cause they're comfortably numb
Word, wrappin ourselves in denial like it's a warm blanket
Tryin to go native like faces that get war painted
'Pac shot in Las Vegas of all places
Fightin dark sides of the force like he was Lord Vader
Y'all haters develop to lead the role
When they start to give them parts in your life, and feed the trolls
I got my own demons, what I'm supposed to do with yours?
I got my own demons, what I'm supposed to do with yours?


[Big K.R.I.T.]
Yeah... uhh
This feel like church, save that soul that cry
"Good God, oh me, oh my!"
I got to save 'em all, pray the Lord forever call on 'em
For sayin the scream for evil things that lettin me ball on 'em
Ooh, pick and move, or you could die nigga
Ooh, shuck and jive to stay alive nigga
Propane flames burn your boots like strange perms
Something don't take well, but fuck it, you live and learn
Beware of the roots and salty looks
Voodoo they put on you, baby doll could leave you shook
Pins and needles, hoes and blokes
When it crackin come snappin out even, cause them feelings can float
I know, cause most folks lost souls off coast, never found
The triangle ain't just an ocean, it's on the rise
Take heed of the signs of sins
Dodgin demons that vibe against
Young KRIT~!


{*Gary Clark, Jr. wails on guitar to the end*}