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Artist: Swizz Beatz f/ 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj & Rick Ross
Album:  Hands Up (S)
Song:   Hands Up 
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Chorus: Swizz Beatz] + {female}
(WOO!) All they talk about is dollars 
(DAMN!) You ain't talkin' to man, holla!
Two doors in the air
And if you celebrating put your cups in the air
{Let me see your hands up one time}
{Let me see your, let me see your hands up one time}
{Let me see your, let me see your hands up, hands up, hands up}
{Let me see your hands up, hands up, hands up}

[Lil Wayne]
Uh, pass that weed to a real nigga
Your girl is my biggest fan, windmill nigga
Lil Tunechi in this bitch, where my skateboard?
I jack a nigga queen, I don't play cards
Let me see your hands up like a gun in your face
Gimme her combination I'mma put my tongue in her safe
And if the time is wasted I'mma clean it up like a maid
Make your woman a slave, Weezy F is the grade
Bitches sweatin' me like they been in the desert for days
They say the best kept secret is kept in the grave
New coupe is a dog, no roof on it
Diamond sparkle in my mouth, bluetooth homie
Yeah to say the least, Swizz this beat is a beast
And my homies got that work, they +Alicia+'n them +Keys+ (WOO!)
Hands up in the air like we don't care
And that TrukFit shit is all we wear


[Nicki Minaj]
Mmm, uh, mmm, aiyyo
Pass the crown to the real queen
You know the girl get it poppin' like a pill fiend
I got little bunny rabbits in my backyard
So fuck a funny style fraud, tryna act hard
Uhn, you my son, no daddy you a bast-ard
Plus you got mad miles on your vag card
Nah, I can't work with none of them
They talk slick and wondering why I be son'n them
I said bitch I'm a mogul, yes I am global
I don't do Barnes but yes I am noble
Every interview yes I am their focal, point
But I don't give a fluck, boink
A-A-Ain't going no where like horses in a stable
Bitch I'm in the mansion, flossin', clickin' cable
N-N-Now where my bad bitches? W-W-Where #PrettyGang
T-T-T-Twerk that ass and let dem titties hang


[Rick Ross]
Rosay! {M-M-Maybach Music}
Tatted like a Navajo, she lookin' half Cherokee (woo!)
Roll down on her when I used to have a Cherokee
Now it's Bugattis, haters keep gettin' bodied
Talkin' can't breathe, hoodlums all in your lobby
I can tell by your shoes that your ponytail new (new)
Tell how you move, I see your Summer Jam too (too)
Tell by the jewels, I'm a hundred grand dude (dude)
Really a lot more, I'm talkin' channel 4 news (WOO!)
Blocka they better duck, bullet-proofin' the truck (hah)
Crossin' the power circle the nigga ran out of luck
Ridin' in the Rolls, yeah you know it's that don (don)
New crib lookin' like Kim Dotcom (HUH)

[Chorus] - first half only

[2 Chainz]
Yeah.. 2 Chainz!
You know I'm bout it, whenever, wherever
I'm smoking on strong, this is that steroid era
Got my leather on lookin' like Thunderdome
I got your girl at home, she got that Thunderdome
Let me see you touch the clouds, we could shut it down
From the Dirty South, muzzle on my mouth
ROOF! I'm a dog, I'm in it
I pick your girl up like it's a fuckin' calisthenic (whoa!)
If she throw it at me I'mma catch it
Let me see you pat your weave if you ratchet
I see you do your thing when you dancin'
Now let me see you do your thing on the mattress

[Chorus] - 1.5X