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Artist: Sway and King Tech f/ Royce the 5-9
Album:  Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol. 5
Song:   Royce the 5-9 Freestyle
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[Royce 5-9]
Yo yo, check it yo
You get laced by the gun in case you try to run
Hatred on my face by the ton, get baked by the sun
Constructed of interplanetary rock and metal
Toppin levels of combustion that's hot enough to stop the devil
Innovative thrust that a enemy
The impact'll be the generated destructive energy that flatten trees
Black boy since birth, burst and tore the womb up
Hit the earth like a asteroid and blew the moon up
Trust me, I'm the epitome, you better bust me
Any cat can say 'F me and he gon' touch me
Smokin organic gonga inside of a stanza
Me and my man psycho smoke ? wit volcanic lava
Man and it's hot, I'm outta my--- 
From the bottom, I can leap out of bottomless pit and land at the top
Raw, that's what I came out here for
To raise an eclipse and an occasional trip to the beer store
And switch up, to breed of MC and stick a bitch up
Figure of speech to reach in the sea and pick a fish up
I'm fly against all laws of gravitation
I done crushed all of ya'll, now you want a collaboration?
But F that, you stepped up so I'ma put your rep up
And tear the rest up wit every joint that I press up
Handlin heat and ammo, bullets passin you by
Challengin me to battle, man you askin to die
Narrow off niggas and squeeze a grenade until it's dissolved
Bite the barrel off a revolve and spit it
Then forget it, I earned it
I'll kill you then come to your funeral and strangle you to confirm it
Minds carry malaria sick, ask cats who the best is
You hear 5-9 in every area
Huntin your head, punchin you dead, you ain't nice
I battled you before but I don't remember nuttin you said
You was wack, I was gon' quit on it till I thought
My dick is big enough for all ya'll niggas to get on it
Makin ya high off of the smoke, offer your coat
Makin ya'll join that big hip hop nation in the sky
And it's easy, belive me, you better been frontin
When you said you was hot
Cuz you couldn't please me if you was beggin me