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Artist: Sway & King Tech f/ Common
Album:  Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol. 4
Song:   Common
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Yeah, I act like heroin, I prepare lines
For those who never knew about the flow up on this
Common Sense, evolution right up on the mix
The revolution will not be televised
This is what I do, I tell the guys
I never tell no lies, I'm the truth
Sittin' across the table from corporate lies
I said that in the sixth sense
Yo I go on and on like a run-on sentence
Common Sense is searchin' for repentance
From a lot of wach brothers
It's like this, I used to love her
I remember the brother who had his mother on the record cover
The last album, one day it made sense
Common Sense is comin' like ths for the present
What can I do when I see these pretty ladies
If I see one good enough Im stab like Jay-Z
Ah man I gotta chill with that
That ain't what went down, Common Sense sense sounds around
Come on now gotta chill
You can't tell that I'm down with K-Mell
Or flip it, you know how we gel
Common leader, check it out Common Sense will feed ya
A little bit of rhymes, people know the times
I'm rhymin' great, my album's comin' on the 28th of March
Y'all, it's like that baby what

Yeah, he's still in there, he's still in there
I wanna hear something written
OK, OK, OK check it

Women cry, children laugh, men dance
I refuse to lose self tryin' to win fans over
Weight on my should fluctuates like Oprah
My refridgerator poetry magnetic like Ultra
You couldn't hang if you was a poster

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Alright, what's next on the mic

Yo bust it, Denzi, Benz jeep, ten freaks behind em'
M P's and rhymin' M 3's and dimin'
Empty ya nine if you attempting to rob them stars
While they getin' money from Mr. Long Island
Give me that paper dog, I gotta have it
Might lift a pocket so money is automatic
We the fourth of carats
And you still lookin' sort of savage
It's a whole lot of money out there you aught to grab it
Alright, rippin' on the mic
All night put my nigga Sway on the mic