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Artist: Sway & King Tech f/ Notorious B.I.G.
Album:  Wake Up Freestyles Volume 4
Song:   Notorious B.I.G.
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[Notorious B.I.G.]
Uh, uh I'm flamin' gats, aimin' at
These...maniacs, put my names in raps
What part the game is that, like ya hustle backwards
I smoke backwards and Dutch Eas can't touch me
Try to rush me, slugs go touchy touchy
Ya bleedin' lovely with yo spirit above me
All beneath me, ya whole life ya live sleepy
Now ya rest eternally sleepy
Ya burn when ya creep me
Rest where the worms and the weak be
My nine flies, baptize rap guys
With the holy ghost, I put holes in most
You hold ya toast shakey, slip and try to break me
Look what you made me do, brains blew
My team in the Marine blue, six coupe
Skeeted out, weeded out

[* Whispers and coughs *]

[Notorious B.I.G. & (Sway & King Tech]
Ha ha, yo man I could rhyme all night man (Hey, hey do ya thing)
But I just wanna, I wanna curse man it's late (Do ya thing)
(Do ya thing man) It's late man (Oh yeah do ya thing)
What should I do (Hey, hey just do ya thing man, do ya thing)
(Do ya thing) my man

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Niggas in my faction don't like askin' questions
Strictly gun testin', coat measurin'
Givin' pleasurin' the Benzito
Hittin' fannies, spendin' chips and Manny's
Hope you creeps got receipts
My peeps get dirty like cleats
Run up in ya crib wrap you in ya Polo sheets
Six up in ya wig, peace
Nigga deceased, mwa may you rest in peace
With my Sycamore style, more sicker than yours
Four-four and fifty-four draws
As my pilot, steers my Leer, yes my dear
Shit's official, only the Feds I fear
Here's a tissue, stop the blod clot cryin'
The kids, the dog everybody dyin' no lyin'
So don't you get suspicious
I'm BIG dangerous, ya just a little viscious
As I leave my competition respirator style
Climbed the ladder to success escalator style
Hold y'all breath I told y'all
Death controls y'all, BIG don't fold y'all
Uh, I spit phrases that'll thrill you
You're nobody till somebody kills you