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Artist: Sway & King Tech f/ Kool Keith, Motion Man
Album:  This or That
Song:   Ego Trippin 99
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[Kool Keith]
They use the symbol back and forth, the same old rhythm
That a baby can pick up and join right with them
But their rhymes epidemic, they think they copacetic
Nasty lyrics for the 99, 2000 now be housin
My action live work, construction I do big work
Head jerkin, concert's ya next sweat wit T-shirts
Black guys do black flies, rappers catchin big surprise
Throw dap, I better be the industries pedigree
No joke wit trench coat, bound to get ya neck broke
Alternate and flexible, chop ya up like vegetable
Uniquely, weakly, don't step to me, when I speak G
Smack up ya mic then put scabs on ya mic hand
Amputate ya wack fan, throw kegs and some beer cans
Disrupt and interrupt your function introduction
Sabotage ya program, your SP-12 production
Charter international, I'm comin after you
Askin you, smackin you, your ass is flat, smack it too
Sucker know, watch the walls, kid where you back up too
On the Wake Up Show, don't wake up slow
Watch ya afro, I rhyme natural, bro

[Chorus 4X]
It's Motion Man on the left!
It's Motion Man on the right!

[Motion Man]
By the process of elimination, separate toes
I get it worked, and spit it out, convert it and straight up sport it
Rhyme expensive and emcees can't afford it
Get loaded, leave 'em lappin lyrics like a little kid
Lappin the bow, wit the scientifical manner I use to anal probe
Switch topics, subject manner, turmoil, extreme measures
Big plots, plan schemes, takeovers, no pistol grip
Just a notepad, lyrics I kick, you be the fifth
Just fold on a topic, and givin the babies collar
Alcoholic, bout ebonic, and kick it, kick it, kinetic
And the G's out for Motion, wit subtropical force
Around the horse filled wit lyrics, emcees when I come out
Dominatin, illustratin, always will conquer hatin
Like a fightin competition, and virtual reality
The Playstation disc rotates, providin actions
For the massive cypher, two-eyed cypher, add the now
Come savage, start ridin ya cabbage, partner, to-dow
My style might as rake you down, don't fight this
Retarded illiterate, it can't read, so partner don't write us
You be convinced, investigated Motion Man, to hit on the side
Now it's fired