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Artist: Strings f/ Hot Boys 
Album:  Black Widow 
Song:   Hey Ya 
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Can't you tell we about to take over the indusrty 
And lock this motherfucka up like penitentiary 
If u don't know nobody else you don't know C.M.B. 
Me, Mannie Fresh, Lil' Wayne and Turk, Baby and B.G. 
The H.B.'S with Strings on the cd-Its all gravy 
Wait till you see us on TV
I'm Juvenile it ain't hard for you to see me-a arrogant nigga 
With golds on my front teeth, front teeth 

Always saggin' never catch me with a suit on 
nigga I'm only 17 but you'll think that I'm grown 
I'ma lil nigga 5'8 wit 2 slugs ready to kill niggas 
Who give me mean mugs got niggas who down now ride wit me 
Hit a block wit glocks and start a riot wit me 
For Turk my nigga-Baby-drive change on your soldeirs 
Got niggas all over knock your head of your shoulder 


Hey Ya,Hey Ya,Hey Ya,Hey(Truly Beautiful) 
Hey Ya,Hey Ya,Hey Ya(Truly Beautiful) 
Hey Ya,Hey Ya,Hey Ya,Hey(Truly Beautiful) 
Hey Ya...Hey Ya 

[Lil' Wayne]
Lets get the choppers we gettin ready to blow out the town 
Keep everythang on the hush and dig the dope from the ground 
We show up around things so we snow up the town 
We go to cheat,couldn't eat and about go for an ounce 
Leave us gettin down,we gettin then you know we going clown 
Sip moette,crystal and sheat nigga we blow by the pound 
We got the Big Tymers in here and they holdin it down 
And Cash Money,Hot Boys we controllin it now 
Say "Uh-Uh" 
I know you done heard me got them thangs they cut raw 
We lettin them birds flip they wing and fly "WHA" 
Slim and Baby put me down wit a hundred 
I get the fast money 
I work for Cash Money 
"HUH" y'all niggas can't come like dis I said "HUH" 
We guerillas nigga 226 nigga what its about time 
You feel my team CMB-the new American Dream believe that 

{Chorus 2x} 

Blast it what blows on your ears comin quik when I rip 
Fire lyrical blows,arrows and spears wit acid filled tips 
Body bangin like folks my swords then blood or them crips 
Scap in the Pactsey wit the hat tip 
in the middle of my lips and my hips 
cause you want this I take custody of yo spotlight 
And yo chips caue you not tight like dicks wit ghonorea 
I drip and its hot right on a hot night 
While you chickens in a cock fight I scab a hoes 
Like scatch right Marina A.K.A. Strings,Reighn Supreme 
Rap and sing  7th to the dome no block or shades 
Sway Cash Money Collaborate 
Like Cast or Troy "you wanna face off-like strippers I'ma take off 
Stop dis,not dis cause I got dis nigga and I'm a hot shit 
Hot Boys And Juvenile my wordies help me say dis shit