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Artist: Steady Mobb'n f/ Master P, Snoop Dogg
Album:  Black Mafia
Song:   Ghetto Life
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[Master P]
Wazzup Steady Mobb'n and Snoop?
I know you all grew up in the ghetto in the westcoast
I'm from down south
But it don't matter whether you from the eastcoast or where ever
Cause the ghetto is a constant struggle
It's all about the mo' money you make
The mo' problems you have
I guess the ghetto is just consequences that we can't exscape
You heard me?

[Crooked Eye]
So many murders jumpin off
blood soakin the street
So many children worldwide
With nothin to eat
There's no peace
on these trigger happy police
it's hard enough bein born black
these times are brief
Three strikes (Your out!)
Your little homie lost his life
Do a lot of things wrong 
to feed his baby at night
I wish I could
Put a lil', love in the hood
Once again, and free all my doggs from the pen
Mercy me, this world ain't what it use to be
It seems the whole world's smoked out
High off D
See my brother, murdered his own grandmother
Now that's sick, all for the love of a hit
No protection, people, dyin of age
The Lord said it would be like this in the last of days
Kidnappin babies
It ain't, safe for our kids
Man it's such a wicked place
In which we live

Chorus [Crooked Eye & Marvin Gaye]
It's a struggle in the city to survive on the streets
(Mercy, mercy, mercy me)
The world is a ghetto full of worn out peace
(These streets ain't what they used tooo be)
So many soldiers dyin everyday to earn a strive
(These streets ain't what they used to beehee)
I'm tired of losin homies to this ghetto life
I'm tired of losin homies to this ghetto life

[Snoop Dogg]
This is somthin for the white, the black, and the brown
>From D-P to Oak-Town
And back down
As the world go round
Another war go down
Behind my smile there's a frown
I'm a king wit no crown
Still I put it down
Acts all my tiny locs
That's on Dogg Pound (Dogg Pound)
Now all my kin folks
Sometimes we have to pause, and reminisce
And get blitzed
And wish for potato chips
And Dip slips, curves, and knuckle balls
I wanna safe em' all
And buck em' all
But I can't
cause I'm on a tank now
Think now
Stop, pause dogg
Put your drink down
I need your attention, undivided
Cause know a days,
Only the strong survive
Everything else, 
is fallin to the left of me
With all this jealousy and greed
Dear God, have mercy


[Billy Bavgate]
Lord have mercy on me
Cause I wanna be a angel and fly
Tell me who's gonna save the world
when it's destined to die
So much hatred and anxiety
A patriot of God
Bein attacked by the anti-christ
Young brotha better change your life
Cause you runnin outta time
I wish that I could help
But it's too much crime
These fools can't read the signs
I remember all my good times
I call help for my bad times
Infatuated by the by the street crime
If I could change the time
Tell me why, why people gotta die
I finally cried
When my mama died
it's a scary world
I had to bury a beautiful girl
It's gettin' hectic in this cold world
But I'm still tryin to slow down
But only thugs, I hang around
So it's hard now
Lord have mercy