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Artist: Statik Selektah f/ Bun B, Cory Mo
Album:  Stick 2 the Script
Song:   Get Out the Way
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[Bun B - talking]
Yo, Selektah

[Chorus] (*scratching of samples*)
"Give a fuck nigga, what you say" - Too $hort
"UGK" - Too $hort
"Bitch, you need to get out the way" - Pimp C
"You need to learn the game before you try to play" - Pimp C

"Give a fuck nigga, what you say" - Too $hort 
"U-U-UGK" - Too $hort
"Repr-repr-represent just like I should" - Bun B
"It's time to learn the game before you try to play" - Pimp C

[Bun B - talking behind the Chorus]
Statik Selektah

[Verse 1 - Bun B]
It's Bun B, I'm reppin P-A-T
Port Arthur, Texas motherfucker, I'm a P-A G
Come on down to where this P-A be
We deep down in the Dirty, where these niggaz a go for B-A-D
See they be, grimey ass gutter niggaz, that go hard
And they ain't never heard of no go hard
They the type of cats that'll show up at your house and yo yard
Whoop you and your daddy bitch ass, they so hard
See you can take it as a joke, but why you waitin for somebody to laugh
They be there to cut you in half
With the K, we don't play with the chopper
And we take no shit off a bitch, be it nigga or a bopper
Big nut holder, big dick slanger
Big knot stacker and a big body swanger
Pop trunk, I'm a banger
UGK for life, you ain't with it, you can get the middle fanger


[Verse 2 - Cory Mo]
Uh, I'm a represent the game like a O.G. should
And hold it down for the Pimp and keep a fist full of wood
I got a swisher full of good, a pound full of bread
And plus a résumé to back up every word that I said
You heard what I said, money at the door 'round here
We got the top dropped down on 84's 'round here
And I'm the first motherfucker on the block for the cash
And if you step out of line, partner we poppin your ass (poppin your ass)
I'm a certified old school God damn fool (fool)
+Trill Recognize Trill+ and I don't recognize you (who?)
Cory Mo is the name, step your game up mayn
You can catch me off in North Shepherd doin my thang
All I need is a couple of grams and sour D's
And a thick thighed bopper to turn in and swallow these (*slurp*) (swallow these)
Now that's what I call a hell of a day
But you need to know the game before you try to play, nigga


[Outro] - *scratching of Pimp C samples*
"You already know"
"It's the dope Super Bowl and nigga I'm about to win it"
"I'm a, I'm a, I'm a Pimp"
"I'm everything that your man out there tryin to be"
"Pimp C, P-A trill nigga"
"Made myself, a ghetto star"
"Move around bitch, you need to get out the way"
"You need to learn the game before you try to play"