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Artist: Statik Selektah f/ Lecrae, Posdnuos (De La Soul), Termanology
Album:  Extended Play
Song:   Game Break
Typed by:, @PlugWonDeLaSoul

{Statik Selektah}

"If the game shakes me or breaks me
I hope it makes me a better man, take a better stand"

[Intro: Lecrae]
Yeah, ey waddup Statik?
Can I talk to the people man?
Wassup y'all? This ya man Lecrae
I just wanna... put somethin in ya mind

Look, this song's dedicated
to all that's called the Gs', I see 'em miseducated
A young Malcolm Red got up out of his prison bed
Said, "I'ma leave a mark on this world When I'm dead"
+X+ marks the spot, a lot of clowns get shot
But they livin for nothing when he died for a lot
From the blocks to the prison, many risen and lead
But I can't get a job, cause they be testin my pees/peace
Man I keep it trill, I got sick of callin in sick
Waitin for an A&R to come and find me in the sticks
Ain't had the money for school, so I applied for scholarships
For black and Indian roots, it's amazing what you get
Was I wonderfully crafted to piss and pay taxes?
Made to reflect The Master or lay on the matress?
Get up, get out, get something man, cultivate a creation
Don't blame it on your lack of education
Go to church, go to school, walk the earth, watch the news
Type of person that hates what he learns, called a fool
Type of person that don't want to work, called skinny
Type of person that learns and applies, I call winnin
You were wired to be hungry for more than what you currently are
But you spoil your appetite on all these mediocre bars
Mediocre stars is all they shootin for (Yeah..)
It's a wonder why we rarely get far, feel me?

She got +Bette Davis Eyes+, Phyllis Diller grill
The game that she's named is such a killing field
Killed to be killed, you might end up in a dirt
with no guarantee to end up on the shirt
Made to work hard up until the coffin
So when you're hard at work, you don't get to see death cousin often
But why rest, when the rest of the world is like,
"Yo grown man, you need to drop us some pearls!"
(Them legends from the ground up) put me through school
Had me run up on stage and look 'em dead in they eyes
Known to do the same school the newest to the game
So when they run up on stage, they look 'em dead in their iPhone
And I'm known as a vet
who don't take kindly to some "old school" title 'round the neck
Challenge the game herself to a game of wealth
She laughed and gave me money, but I kept my fame on stealth
(Quiet money's STILL money) and we talk tall
She got her face dolled-up
White nose all on froze, lines of snow crawled up in the calm
We claim we dope that stayed shot up in the arm
The B. Manilow be the handle though
to say that we made it, but the low pub check keep you jaded
But if the game shakes me or breaks me
A better man I will become 'til the day I'll be done

Uh, it's too much ice grillin with eyes closed
And too much ice work and fly clothes
We gotta get our priorities in order
Before we go and order another pair of Jordans, is our daughter fine?
Is she taken care of this time
or is just another D-minus you get for always lying?
Can you go and put it behind us? So what you tryin to find?
I ain't tryna say I'm perfect, but I sure am tryin
One thing about me, feel the music in my soul
Coulda changed up, coulda went the wrong road
Seen the door opened, coulda seen the door closed
Coulda seen the cup empty, but I've seen the cup full
Now that the tank full, man, where you wanna go?
I ain't gotta sell records for my heart to go gold
Learn that while you're young, save a lot of heart break
Drop jewels on your son, listen to what mom say
Son first was apostle, second was the prophet
Third was the teacher, now they all watch him
Try to be peaceful, man I'm just tryin to live
Cause Lord knows I had problems at my momma crib
Life had me stuck, or, makin dollars did
But the dollars I was chasing, they was counterfeit
So bogus, living your life hopeless
Up against the ropes just tryna stay focused
While I'm on this Earth, I'ma try to progress
I know a lot of men that's rich, but they know less
But since I gaged being rich with health, God, and fam
My friends and my fans, I'ma die a rich man

Aiyyo Stat'
Thanks for lettin me speak to 'em on this one

{Statik Selektah cuts and scratches}
"If the game shakes me or breaks me
I hope it makes me a better man, take a better stand"
"If the game shakes me or breaks me
I hope it makes me a better man, take a better stand"