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Artist: Statik Selektah f/ Bun B, Wale, Colin Munroe
Album:  100 Proof: The Hangover
Song:   So Close, So Far
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(Statik Selektah)

[Verse 1 - Bun B]
Wouldn't it be nice if life was sort of like a dream (like a dream)
And everything wasn't really what it seemed?
What if everything you ever wished for was in reach (reach)
And you could learn everything your school didn't teach? (teach)
Wouldn't it be nice if the banks didn't fuck up the loans
And people ain't have to move out they homes? (homes)
With no GM or AIG
And for that matter no cancer or A-I-D
Yes, I'm sure we could all agree
That the world I'm talkin about is where we would like to be (be)
Worried about debts, recessions and foreclosure
Too much stress, somebody pass me the doja (the doja baby)
So I could just float (float)
And not have to worry about payin my car note (note)
But once the smoke clears, you right back where you was
But it's still cool just to dream man because

[Break - Colin Munroe] - w/ ad libs
I'm high for sleep, I'm high for work (I'm high for work)
It always seems so real, then fades away (away)
I know I sold my soul, I ?
I guess these major deals ain't all they seem
Not quite what I was (dreamin of)

[Chorus - Colin Munroe]
One world, one heart (not quite what I was dreamin of)
So close, so far (not quite what I was dreamin of)
No tears, no scars (not quite what I was dreamin of)
We're so close, so far (not quite what I was dreamin of)

I need more than sixteen, Stat'

[Verse 2 - Wale]
We was lookin for change 'til Barack came
Sooner lookin for change but these rocks ain't
Movin, eyelids low 'cause my bills too high
And my kids growin quick and my lady's growin tired
So my outlook's dim and my house is eventually without any heat
Unless it's comin out of me
See, wages is minimum
The race that I run feels Usain quick and I'm in ankle weights and Timberlands
Life's tryin to lap you
Them hustlers fast but life is a three course meal, let them fast foods
Have it for now
Quick money never stays, get your money, stay patient, outlast it for now
Before I lay down, I thank God for the blessings
Every bit of success, as well as my imperfections
'Cause ain't nobody perfect, everybody searchin
For happiness, we livin like every day's urgent
Every day's harder, ain't nothin here promised
To live as Will Smith, you must endure the Chris Gardners
Wale, we good

[Chorus] - 2X

Dreamin on a lullaby