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Artist: Stat Quo f/ Eminem
Album:  Street Status
Song:   Eminem Intro
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Welcome, as we introduce to you
The newest member of the Shady/Aftermath family
As we take you on a journey
Down South to the dirty dirty
Put yo' hands in the air
For A-T-L's own, Stat Quo!
Are you ready?!
Ten, nine, eight, seven
Six, five, four, three
Two, one, on your, mark
Ready, get, set, let's, GO!

[Stat Quo]
Check it out, stand up
It's your boy Stat Quo representin that Shady/Aftermath
GMM's the squad, I'm the LeBron James of this thang
And right now, you get ready to bear witness
To the "Street Status" mixtape {*echoes*}