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Artist: Stalley f/ De La Soul
Album:  Ohio
Song:   Navajo Rugs
Typed by:, Stalley

Moleskin slippers dreaming through this peace pipe
Praying in the dark hoping that I see light
Tryin to stay sharp with a dark vision
Gotta couple heathens with me tryin to bombard the system
My man just went to jail and brought a gun charge with him
On top of that other felonies
I told him hold his head, I'll make sure he lives through these melodies
I hate to see him trapped, wish these raps could just set him free
Whoever thought selling hard would get you 17 at 17?
I mean yesterday was everything if there's no hope for tomorrow
And money ain't everything, I can go broke tomorrow
Sometimes I find happiness in a broke down cigar
in an isolated room on this Navajo rug
Mind drifting, smoke disappearing through the wall
I hear the loud voices, that's my homies callin
Open up the windows, let the angels fall in

As I bob and weave between stars
Learn and dream between Mars
When words are weaved, pictures are painted
like Navajo rugs and woven blankets
As I bob and weave between stars
Learn and dream between Mars
When words are weaved, pictures are painted
like Navajo rugs and woven blankets

...Got so much on my mind
All these thoughts weaving in and out created design
So intricate like hand-spun rugs
They say they talking outside, but I hear no love
I feel the shots in my back, but there's no slugs
I brush the dirt off my shoulders, wipe away all the mud that's been slung
They say the sword ain't as mighty as the tongue
The horns get the attention, but the war starts with the drum
808s' and low ends beating on my chest like King Kong
Gorilla warfare, the fall's here
You could feel it in the song, all the worrying is gone
I sit Indian style wrapped in blankets, smoking on a bong
Tryin to find my inner peace, juggling stone
Never take it for granted, what the struggle is for
Cause through that dark hole, life's beautiful, like emeralds and gold
There's diamonds in the dirt, just gotta dig through some coal


Heart woke up, no longer confused but yawning
The bloodstream came to collect dues this morning
For all the science we drop, the parachute supplies
are limited, coded in images
Yet the code of the streets, leave our thoughts with no access
The revenue of color all reduced to a blackness
But inside the dark, I can find the calm
That's why we close our eyes to concentrate
The cons debate, against the pros
Talking first degree murder on the clock, they got time to kill
I'm intricate to be up in it
So I defend every minute, with palms open for dimes to deal
Perimeter's occupied by a few chosen
To take heed to the fact the few in here is posin
Under laws of lies, attracted to the warmth like wool
But don't let it get pulled over the eyes
Oh Lord...


Distant like asteroids
These last McCoys wanna pan until Aquarius is present
Not a hand or crescent equivalent
Does the world win when the world cringes from buckets of ice water
that don't benefit mine or my people's ailments?
Where heartache became a feeling, beneath every roof is a ceiling
So I stay outdoors, acknowledge constellations, I call it a map
They say, "Your head's in the cloud, Dave~!" Well, that's a trap
Imagine that, insults of a mind
Healing a concubine appealing even though your queen good
Your concept of a king could...
Use a bit of a light, so you can see you the full light
in her eyes; I was never the book worm
But with reservations for the so-called facts, there's a book learned
Pages over loud speakers, endowed features
allows me to penetrate and smoke an L
A rather peace pipe, dreams of divine beings of the Northern Nile
I'm nice with it but you ignore the smile
In reminisce of a higher learning
I bow in greetings - Salaam, eyes closed give me affirm, firmly


"I just wanna let everybody know, how much I love my dad
 and I appreciate everything he does for me
 And.. Ohio will always be classic and live forever"

"I know Ohio gonna be a classic and live forever
 P.S.: I wanna be JUST LIKE YOU when I grow up, I love you"

"You made a classic, daddy! (One more time)
 You made a classic, daddy... OHIO WILL LIVE FOREVEEEEER~!!
 (Don't scream like that, one more time now, one two three..)
 Ohio will LIIIIVE foreverrr! (Hahaha! Say "Ohio will live forever")
 Can I just, do a di' voice? (Regular voice, don't sing it)
 Heh.. (Go ahead...) Ohio will live foreverrrrrr... (Hehe!)"