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Artist: Spice 1 f/ Black C, Pimp C
Album:  Last Dance
Song:   Thug Thang Y2G
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It's a thug thang
It's a thuuuuug thang
That got me runnin thru the streets
With my hand on my heat
It's a thug thang
It's a thuuuuug thang
That got me runnin thru the streets
I got my hand on my heat

(Spice 1)
I do my thug thang, poppin my collar on the mash
Players feelin my like titties and ass, I'm bout the cash
Damn heated with my head over water, sucker duckin
Real players with ambition for cash, we move sumthin
In the Yay where we thug at (thug at), fo' sheezie
From Vallejo to Sacramento back to the Teezie
On a 7 figure mission, the world is ours
Play my tape, Bossalini for ever immortalized
With a stretch navigator, Lexi or Benzo
We roll with Crystal from hay with the Frisco
Want some mobstyle thug shit? It's Bossalini 
With a infrared beam and a scope, you couldn't see me
I'm a worldwide mob figure
From Africa to Japan they peepin real niggas, big niggas
See I wake up every morning with a hustlin game
Try to get it crackulatin and do my thug thang


(Black C)
It ain't no future in your frontin
Better make me some cash
I'm on a mission, doin my thug thang (?)
From dirty D's to that legal green
We got our hands all in it
I'm boss-playin with the thug women
Stay heavy in the game, chasin that fortune and fame
I'm puffin a blunt for the homies gone
I'm feelin your pain
It ain't no love for us young thugs (young thugs)
They'd rather see us pushin drugs on the block, gettin bust
Player Whut!?
I'm doin it live with worldwide boss-players
Now workin with the best thugs we got in the West
Never the less, we put our money where our mouth is
We're makin major investions up in the show-biz
Nor feelin hopeless
They had our back against the wall
We shooked the haters and the fakers
It's now a thug passion to stand tall
I'm makin moves like [name] until my casket fall
Do war, Black C is down for the 'core


(Pimp C)
When I was dumb, I used to serve crack rocks
Now I'm breakin 'em in the black 'rarri drop top
With the V-12 motor, so bitch bent over 
For the big dick holder, and we're out with mo' dohja
So tell me how you feel when you see a pimp shinin
7 (?) on my neck, rollin diamonds
Gat between the cabbage, how you gon' stop me?
We done blazed on the '99, never you could chop me
Freakin, on the leg a gun, I just bought a new one
Black-on-black buggin, man, we bought moma the blue one
When you saw me in a white one that was fat big butted
[name] just gave me a cheque for (?)
That was just the first hat on your fuckin bitch-ass
Comin down breakin 'em with the bulletproof glass
Now you can suck a dick but I'ma suck on your breast
Cause that's the way we pimp 'em in the South 'n the West


  Big Ridin     (it's a thug thang)
  Keep Ridin    (it's a thug thang)
  Still Thuggin (it's a thug thang)
  Keep Smilin   (it's a thug thang)
(Spice 1)
Fetty Chico, Shiznilty
Sendin this one out to the whole West-Sizzie
The Biggedy-Bay, you know I'm sayin?
C-Town, Courtin, Floss-vegas, Fresno, San Diego, Portland
And everybody else who supported the Thug-Theezie
The Thug-Thang, you know what I'm sayin?