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Artist: Speedy f/ Method Man, Prodigy, Roscoe
Album:  Flight Risk
Song:   Gangsta Rapperz
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: Prodigy & Method Man talking]

[Chorus: Prodigy (Method Man)]
Yo they get smoked up fuckin with these gangsta rappers
(These niggas ain't rappers P, they fuckin actors)
Might get locked up fuckin with you  crazy bastards
(What's hood nigga, get fucked up and then blasted)
Mess around, might catch these slugs, don't put me in them caskets
(Down south you call them choppers, up here we call the rachets)
If you don't do it, nigga then you know what's happenin
(Funny style niggas is clowns, but we ain't laughin)

[Method Man]
Who tryin to question my ghetto? Ya'll need to stop that
I'm tryin to see how the kettle call it hot black
I call my flow next level cus this is not rap
Ya'll pop shit I pop back
C'mon if you need a hot sixteen who do you call?
Meth, lord of the underground, trick I do it all
I'm angry at the baller, the game angry at ya'll
I'm angry that I'm six feet tall and can't ball
M-E-Th lights some bomb ass weed, I have to be
So next time you hit the herb spot up, ask for me
Let them know how I'm living this life fast and free
I can't slow down, I'm somethin like Puff, pass the trees
Let it go round, and I ain't feelin you clowns
Like fake friends who look away when they be givin you pounds
Some ho trying to act like she ain't feelin my style
Till her legs are in the air, I bet she feelin me now


I'm a gold nigga, paroled and hit the streets
And ain't none of you rap niggas fuckin with me
And stop fuckin for free, you ain't fuckin so your homies can see
That bitch made nigga can't stand with me
You get hit for just playin with me
Cus I'm an east side nigga, a west side nigga
Give a fuck side nigga, ride or die nigga, I'm still hot nigga
Yeah crack your face, he had a gun on his waist
Boy just erase, dubs and wide turns, weed we burn
Big V12 nigga, four-five shells nigga
We got the heat on us
And you bitch made niggas gon squeeze on us
You better ask somebody, I'm Gotti Gotti
Get my grind on baby, get my shine on baby
Feel me, just white tees and khaki shoes and got loose
Still g'd in my suit, stil sing to my lou
With the suade on my roof, 21's on the roof
See the electric roof, with the gun so small, I'll hold down Snoop
With a gun so small, I'll hold down you, now tell me what the fuck I'm
supposed to do
Because your lil homie lift his shirt
He got hit then your lil homie hit the dirt
Yeah P, yeah Meth, tell them how that work


Sick in the head, derranged my brain iller
The black Max Payne, these ain't no pain killers
Game's realer, so proclaim Illadelph
No shame in my game, I came from caine dealers
I hang from the ceiling and drink liquor
Slizzer, slur on the mic and speak easy
My enemies just die when they see me
And wifey wanna rock the mic, she freaky
It's the admirable, admiral Roscoe the black Bobby ?Boshey?, so watch
what you say
Me and my boy ?? make a rush for the border
Lean out my Tahoe and yell "Yo Quiero Taco Bell?"
My glock throw shells that'll rock your bells, phony nigga like taco shells
Get hectic, dodged and got it
You top notch? Got it, drop top and got it