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Artist: Soulja Slim f/ Master P
Album:  Give it to 'Em Raw
Song:   You Ain't Never Seen
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(Master P)
Whoa! Whats soulja slim
(soulja Slim)
something you can't run from
(Master P)
They ain't never been threw this real shit
Its real out here
Magnolia, Calliope, Melphaen

[Chorus - repeat 2X]
You ain't never seen what I done seen
or been threw what I been threw, thats why I got a fuck up mental
and you ask why I don't rap positive
I been a convicted violent felon threw the years with blood sweat and tears

[Soulja Slim]
Project living, dirt diving ???? thats how I came up
ever since I was a juve plotting on ways to be famous
you should be rap artist, be a born killer or dope dealer
I look up to all the hard hitters that use to slang on Six and Wheeler
back in the early 80's ???????? had shop on Wheeler street
mama send me to the store
sit on the porch watching hustlers that creep
saying to myself thats how I wanna be living my life in the fast lane
getting big time in the dope game
pushing herion getting coke caine
thats every young nigga dream that grew up in the bricks
young niggas kill for the cream, cut thoarts and totting clips
mama was a fiend she like to fiend for them rocks sucking dicks
never ever had a Pa he's an Angolia convict
my role models is soldiers on the porch with the torch
ready to blast pop some in his ass and put it in the corps


[Soulja Slim]
Shit gets scary when all the lights go out in the projects
you know who might keep in yo door and leave on the floor with a slit neck
or you saw crack from a broke tek
only shot three times and got jam (Gunshots)
think I wished it happened goddamn!
I just seen bout five minutes ago
going up the steps asking me to blow
thinking its the hoe from Ali show
but she not dead doe
hoes play cut throat two on the De-Lo, don't trust them
be careful how you fuck em
cause you hook yourself and start to love em
stay above them
don't fall weak they got some niggas to die
for the cheeks, superfreaks
thats if a nigga M.O.B but anyway peep my real shit
in a situation like that the nigga people thinkin the hoe double cross em
and the killers ain't doing shit to the fact
?????? and the dope dealers killing everything in the house
me myself I wonder why the hoe is still living why the killers ain't take her out
I think it was a set up
that bitch need to be wet up
nigga gave her a dome shot and blowed that bitch up in her Beretta

[Chorus] - 2x