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Artist: (Sonya C f/) Master P
Album:  Married to the Mob
Song:   Watch Your Ass II
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[Master P]
Now let's take you to a motherfucking commercial...

At the red light, four niggaz deep
im in the benz, I see 'em watching me
I aint tripping so I play it off
like im fixing my mil, but im going to the sawdoff
I told Sonya C to wake up, she jumped up
mad saying, "Now what the fuck is up?"
car full of the dank smoke
Ed said, "P man, lets show these niggaz we aint no joke."
It's time to get this shit on, what one you gonna shoot?
It doesn't matter homes
I said, "Fuck It!"
roll down the window and left em looking like Chuckie(gunshots)
four niggaz cold dead in the other car
Pop Pop yeah now what the fuck is up
cause I aint one on the trip with a ski mask
its just a motherfucking message Watch Your Ass

what your motherfucking ass nigga
what your motherfucking ass
what your motherfucking ass bitch
what your motherfucking (gunshot)

Now back to our motherfucking program bitch...