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Artist: Sonya C f/ Master P, Silkk, C-Murder, Calli G, CMT
Album:  Married to the Mob
Song:   I Ain't to be Fucked With
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yo man since we got all yall motherfuckers
in the house Ya know what im sayin
all yall need to kick a fucking freestyle Ya know what im sayin
let these motherfuckers know whats up ya know what im sayin

Its the silkk and I aint to be fucked with
untouchables got my back so mark ass niggaz cant touch this
quick to fade a motherfucker if they want some drama
so, I pack my fucking truck and niggaz falling like dominoes
bring the world ??? more homicide
you ask why cause a nigga have a nigga ready to drop
get caught for jealing just a nigga to life
didnt even blink I made his ass think twice
17 years old, but its more like im 8
cause half of my time was done behind the gate
I did what I had to do but now this shit is done
selling rocks on the spot shooting dice with my only fuck it
to jack a motherfucker grab my gat out of the car
to catch a nigga at a red light bust his ass out his car
so come on give up your shit I popped his ass in his dome
you cant keep your shit nigga now, cause now im going home
you should of gave it up and now your fucked bitch
you now next time I aint be fucked with

[Calli G]
you better run you motherfuckers but you cant hide
cause 3 times today, ya'll do these fucking walk by's
in 92 was the debut for the west
its 93 and I did motherfucking came back
Im underratted undereducated
black bald by the system, but theses niggaz still made it
and I dont give a fuck about the next man
im either rolling in my benz or seeling cocain
so I like serving the dope fiends
but if they run up on me they better come clean
cause I aint the one to take a short
your lessons learned ???
so if I go for my gat you better delt quick
the name is Calli and I aint to be fucked with!

I put my pistol to your mouth and blow your brains out
shootin' first killing niggaz in they own house
its like a blast from the past, so watch yo ass
gat to your back so give me all your fucking cash
I check your nuts and get your ass a gat G
cause if I die im talking niggaz with me
I was born to kill thats what my people say
never thought I'd ever live to see another day
thats why a motherfucker had to take it to the streets
cause if I didn't slang homie then I wouldn't eat
so im on the set fucking over dope fiends
hustling on corners with my glock im like a bad dream
but if a nigga try to clown its like a death wish
glock to your dome I dont give a fuck bitch
and if you shoot first nigga you better kill me
cause ill hunt your stupid ass with a gat G
boy you better leave my motherfucking city
a day's done start getting real shitty
im looking in your eyes as I watch ya die
dont cry motherfucker kiss your ass goodbye
cause when I kill I feel so uplifted
cause when it comes to killin' im so gifted
so keep fucking with me boy is what im hopein'
you be bleeding on the ground with you eyes open
I know you with they had life after death nigga
you should of know I was quick to squeeze the trigger
I grab my gun and put my hands on my fuckin' dick
and let you niggaz know I aint's to be fucked with

[Master P]
Popping and poppin' and poppin' and poppin' shit on your ass bitch
I dont give a fuck cause the P dont take no bullshit
CMT will start the track now I drop your ass
I got you hooked on the dope now wheres my fucking cash
now you walking on a tight rope
but if you stumble and fall motherfucker there goes your ass broke
cause I stick to your ass like some crazy glue
and I guess I could kill a motherfucker when theres nothing else to do
I guess im kind of fucking sick, cause ill blast any nigga
and ill slap any bitch
I kill this motherfucker trying to fuck with me
thats was in 85 they found his ass in 93
so you better think twice when you step to me
this aint T.V. this is real live jepoardy
and if you play with my money then your ass is toe up
do something to your family make your stupid ass throw up
so don't trip when you cut the fucking lights on
and walk in the house and find them dead with they heads gone
homicide might find my fingerprints on a ski-mask
but if they looking for the victims try the garbage bag
now you know im like manson
never left the scene of the crime im in the next room dancing
slow dancing with the fucking sawdoff
waiting for you to come in the room to blow your balls off
now your killed by a lunatic
and with your blood on the wall I aint to be fucked with!

[Sonya C]
night killing ?? when im breaking them down
kicking the real shit from the motherfucking underground
nine in my hand I shoot your ass quick
fuck the police cause im a motherfucking gangsta bitch
Oakland, Cali is the city where I started from
out on a murder charge cause I play dumb
but I remember putting the glock to the bitch back
she said she didnt have no money I said fuck that
to make the long story short I blasted the bitch
and took ?? and now im on the freeway
in this dead bitches car with no fucking lisence plate
cause Sonya C outhear any bitch get the message
I ain't to be Fucked with!

[Master P]
Oh oh yeah I gotta tell these punk motherfuckers
something else you know what im saying
the no limit mafia is cold chillin in this bitch
the real untouchables with Sonya C we aint to be fucked with
you know what im saying we aint playing this year
yo Sonya C you got something to say before we leave this motherfucker

[Sonya C]
yeah I got something to tell em "I Ain't To Be Fucked With"