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Artist: Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa f/ Bruno Mars
Album:  Mac & Devin Go to High School
Song:   Young, Wild & Free
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[Intro: Bruno Mars]
Is this thing on? Word {*laughs*}
[Chorus: Bruno Mars & Wiz]
So what we get druuuuunk
So what we smoke weeeeeed
We're just havin fuuuun 
We don't care who seeeeees
So what we go oooout
That's how its s'posed to beeeee
Livin young, and wild, and freeeee
{Wiz overlaps Chorus}
Shit...Ay lemme get a lighter
Please, 'cause you know I'm high as fuck
and I forgot one, Keep that in there
[Wiz Khalifa]
Ah-uh, so what I keep 'em rolled up, saggin my pants 
Not carin what I show, keep it real with my niggaz
Keep it player for these hoes, and look clean, don't it?
Washed it the other day, watch how you lean on it
Give me some 501 Jeans on and roll joints bigger than King Kong's fingers
and smoke them hoes down 'til they stingers
You a class clown and if I skip for the day 
I'm wit'cha bitch smokin grade A
[Snoop Dogg]
You know what? 
It's like I'm, 17 again, peach fuzz on my face
Lookin, on the case, tryna find a hella taste
Oh my God~! I'm on a +Chase+ -- Chevy
It's gettin kinda heavy, relevant
Sellin it, dippin away, time keeps slippin away
Zip in the safe, flippin for pay
Tippin like I'm drippin in paint, up front
Fo' blunts, like Khalifa, put the weed in a J
[Wiz Khalifa]
Uh, and I don't even care
'cause if me and my team in here
It's gon' be some weed in the air, tell 'em Mac
[Snoop Dogg]
Blowin everywhere we goin and now you knowin
When I step right up, get my lighter so I can light up
[Wiz Khalifa]
That's how it should be done, soon as you thinkin you're down
Find how to turn things around, now things are lookin up
[Snoop Dogg]
From the ground up, pound up, this Taylor Gang
So turn my sound up and mount up and do my thang
[Wiz Khalifa]
Uh, now I'm chillin, fresh outta class, feelin
like I'm on my own and I could pro'ly own a building
Got my own car, no job, no children
Had a science project, me and Mac killed it
[Snoop Dogg]
T-H-C, M-A-C 
D-E-V, H-D-3, high as me
This is us, we gon' fuss
And we gon' fight and we gon' roll and live off life
[Bridge: Wiz Khalifa]
Yeah, roll one, smoke one
When you live like this you're supposed to party
Roll one, smoke one, and we all just havin fun
So we just, roll one, smoke one
When you live like this you're supposed to party
Roll one, smoke one, and we all just havin fun
[Chorus: crowd sings along as Wiz Khalifa puffs and coughs in the background]
[Outro: Snoop Dogg]
...seeeees, we don't care who sees
...That's how it's s'posed to beeee
Livin young, and wild, and freeeee