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Artist: Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa
Album:  Mac & Devin Go to High School
Song:   It Could Be Easy
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[Intro: unknown singer]
Ohhhhhhhh ohhh ohhhhh ohh
It could all be so, it could all be so
It could all be so easy
So, so easy, so easy
Yeah, hey hey hey hey, listen!

[Chorus One: singer]
It could be easy, it could be easy
It could be easy...
It could be easy, it could be easy
It could be easy...

[Wiz Khalifa]
Yeah, high school man
Taylor Gang, young Khalifa
I'll show you how to do this shit, uhh

(It could be easy) But you probably won't believe me
That's why I'm smokin, ridin listenin to "DoggyStyle" on CD
They saw me on TV, now they gon' try they hardest to be me
Said she know just who I am and plus my team is undefeated
I'm the man in my city, if you want I got the key
and I could put you on the game or on the ocean by the beach
Everything you see I own, I don't gotta lease
If your bitch outta control better put that hoe on a leash
Umm (it could be easy) if you listen to what I'm tryin to tell ya
Every dime pays but they catch you messin with that high grade 
they gon' try and fail ya - call up moms, tell her
you in the hallway, plus your clothes smell kinda familiar
I ain't trippin, I'm twistin up another one
Got a couple problems with my bitches dawg cause pimpin ain't (easy)
I'm rollin up trees, stayin low from police
And don't ask where I been, Dogg I'm goin where the G's be
Haters talk when I leave, they just front when they see
what they want, say they don't but they need me
I'm like a fuckin Game Genie
Young nigga but I make it look easy

[Chorus Two: singer]
It could be easy
But the smallest little things we make so hard
Make so hard, make so hard
Yeah just like a free throw, life it be so easy
It could be easy
Well then tell me would you really be who you are?
Who you are, who you are
And it's been done before, I think you should know, know, know

[Wiz - over Chorus Two]
Hahahaha, I got class nigga fuck that I'm tired
I'm tired of fuckin around man
I'ma go to fuckin class man
I'll get at y'all niggaz later
This shit easier than it look man
Real shit, I'm gettin money too
Stayin fly, fuckin yo' bitch
What up Dogg?

[Chorus One] w/ ad libs

It can all be so easy
It could be easy

[Snoop Dogg]
Flyin on a plane plane, dippin to this thang, bang
Never the same gang, she ask me if I gang bang
If Peter Piper pick 'em, then Snoopy Doopy pimp 'em
The track is where I kick 'em, now baby suck a dick up
until you start to hiccup, now look here breezy
It's real hard, but you can make it easy
I am pleasurable, now baby please me
And once I get up in it, I'll make you need me
(It could be easy) Like I love weed leaf
Baby starvin, now she feed me, believe me, you complete me
Protect the spot, and when I'm in school
Lay low, be cool, connect the dots, I do it vagrantly
Truant agencies on my wingtips
I ditched English, for Olde English
40-ounce loc, with some buddha Thai, mix it with some kush slow
With a E.T. high, so, I'ma phone home
Baby on some knick-knack, paddy-whack, give her Doggy bone
We +Home Alone+, now she's suckin on my bone
Macaulay, Phifer, NASCAR driver
Rollin with a real Eastsider
It could be easy

[Chorus Two] + [Chorus One] + [Chorus Two] w/ ad libs