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Artist: Snoop Dogg & Kate Upton f/ Biz Markie, Bow Wow, Larry King, KevJumba, Oliver Cooper
Album:  Hot Pockets Commercial
Song:   You Got What I Eat
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[Snoop Dogg] 
One, two, three and to the heat
Stop countin sheep and move your feet to the beat
I bet you're wonderin, "Who are you?"
The baker who made new Hot Pockets come true
Now let me give you, an introduction
to the Master Baker of this production

[Bow Wow]
Yeah, you know he bakes here, you know he bakes there
He be baking all day

[Snoop Dogg]
I bake err'ywhere
Wanna bake with me? Then come on in
We light up taste buds (From beginning to end)
My buttery seasoning so hip, it drips
Tastes so good, gotta lick your lips
Smell my savory garlic, but don't disturb
The garden where I grow, flavor-fantastic-al HERBS
(Yeah, his flavor-fantastical herbs, y'know~!)

[Chorus: Biz Markie]
YOU... You got what I eeeeeaaat!
Now say you're just a baker
But you're my Hot Pockets maker
OH BABY YOU... got what I eeeeeaaat!
You got the hot buttery crust
I need your hot buttery crust, OHH!!

Hold up, hold up, my friend's got a +beef+ with you
Take a step back baker, The Butcher's coming through

[Oliver Cooper] (KevJumba)
I see you like that crust, well I like it too
But without my premium meats, you got nothing to chew
See I'm the Master Butcher and I bow down to zero
Online, they call me the 8-Bit hero
I fly cross the land so my flocks are protected
Try to come for my beef and you gonna get rejected
Cause when you step to me, you gonna get stuck
As your head takes a buck from pepperoni nun-chucks
(He's got premium meats, the cream of the crop)
Welcome to my B-I-Double G Butcher Shop, ya hearrrd?

[Chorus: Biz Markie]
YOU... You got what I eeeeeaaat!
You make the Steak and Cheese
That brings me to my knees
OH BABY YOU... got what I eeeeeaaat!
The flavor is so sweet
You know how to spice that meat

[Snoop Dogg] (Bow Wow)
Now I know The Butcher likes to take credit for the show
But there's a reason that my bakery is rollin in the dough
Listen lil' baby, don't fall for the cuts
(It's the buttery crust that makes you want so much)

[Oliver Cooper] (KevJumba)
Don't listen to him, girl - he's been baking too long
It's my premium meats that make your lips sing a song
(When that sauce heats up, the pepperonis do the rest)
It's exactly why my new Hot Pockets are the best

[Chorus: Biz Markie]
No, no, no YOU... both got what I eeeeeaaat!
I love your buttery crust
But I love that meat just as much
OH BABY YOU... both got what I eeeeeaaat!
You got all my hot treats
You both make me complete

[Outro: Larry King]
Hello, hello, gentlemen, have you forgotten about, the CHEESE?