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Artist: Snoop Dogg f/ B-Real, Mr. Lil' One/Lil' Uno
Album:  Kings Of The West Mixtape/ MySpace Exclusive
Song:   Vato (Unofficial Remix) *
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* censored before release

[Snoop Dogg]
Heh heh

[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
I was chillin'
Right around my way (Way)
21st, eastside of the Beach
This little fool ran up on me
Poppin' off with his homeys like he was a straight
Askin' where I'm from, while he runnin' the
Gangbang, my set on every one of 'em (Twenties)
Some things, son, they just don't change
Fools don't respect nothin' but to gangbang (Bang!)
What's seen is what's saw, Dogg with the law
I have you suckers runnin' like a marathon
Blue G's tryin' to creep, on the ease with it
Talkin' about, they gon' get my chain, and they gon' leave with it
But they don't know
Once they get close
That's tic-tac toe
Three little G's laid on the floor (Watch out)
Yeah, this happened yesterday
On the west, they spray
I heard a ese say
He said

Chorus: B-Real (Snoop Dogg)
Vato, you won't believe what I saw
I saw these pack of guys and they act real hard (And what they do?)
They twist their fingers, said, "You know who we are"
He said
"I don't give a [{*fuck*}], I'm Snoop Doggy Dogg" (Uh huh)
They keep talkin' and it went too far
So Snoopy, he went straight to the trunk of his car (And what he get?)
He got his gun and they start runnin' hard
He started firing and then he just charged

[Pharrell]   BLAOWW!
[Snoop Dogg] Run...
[Pharrell]   BLAOWW!
[Snoop Dogg] Duck...
[Pharrell]   BLAOWW!
[Snoop Dogg] Run, mother[{*fucker*}], run...
             Run, mother[{*fucker*}], run...
[Pharrell]   BLAOWW!
[Snoop Dogg] Run, mother[{*fucker*}], run...
             Run, mother[{*fucker*}], run...

Repeat Hook

[Verse 2: Mr. Lil' One]
Lil' Uno get it crackin', better ask somebody
Put some Gotti in my Loti like Illuminati
So special, it's Dego to the dome piece
Mashin' in the Hummy by my lonely
And little mamas get to jockin' when they see me walkin'
Well respected, better listen, when the streets is talkin'
I seen it all, sense a little G, in the hall
Black and brown, padded down, in a wrong call
And all you so-called weenies that been puffin'
Uno be like God's walk, snype you for the roof, and
I pull that wig back, live and die, by the code
To the homeys, on hold, tryin' to get parole
Hearts swole
We products of the ghetto
Like street soldier, trainer, take flight on sight
Mashin' on you haters
It's Sicko all day, uh, this is what they all say

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Hook Twice

[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
I wouldn't be, the G that I am
If I didn't pop suckers in their mouth, I'll be (Damn)
And Snoop'll keep one foot on the streets
And leave 'em covered in sheets
Run with the homeys with the heat
You never seen a thug like this
You never seen a dub like me
And I ain't weak for wanting peace
In fact, I could be Beast of the East, you lil' busta
I never hesitate to blast (Blast)
I'm really tryin' to change my ways
I gotta move my team, cause my people's
Is screaming that we need more, but (???) is illegal
Ba-ba-bang on the song, make it feel like a driveby (Driveby)
It's a shame, but somebody's gotta die (Die)
They say it happens state to state
But when I mob in L.A.
All I hear the eses say
They go

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Hook Twice

[Snoop Dogg]
Snoop Dogg
Yem bust gunshots
Skateboard P, they say him bust gunshots
Dem bust gunshots
You know dem bust gunshots
Come again, now
Snoop Dogg
Yem bust gunshots
Skateboard P, yeah know him bust gunshots
Come again, now
Dem bust gunshots
D.P.G., see, yeah know dem bust gunshots
Come again, now