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Artist: Snoop Dogg
Album:  Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec (Playstation 2)
Song:   Dogg's Turismo 3
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Yeah man
Which one of these cars you gonna use
I might use the Celica, the Mazda, Nissan or Toyota
I heard they got that new PT Cruiser on there too
yeah, which course we gonna use, lets try the Deep Forest
I heard that was fly

3! 2! 1! lets go!
foot to the pedal and the pedal to the floor
hurry up and take off, adjust my seat
everything cool cause I'm dippin to this beat
sliding, slippin', smashin' off
I take the lead while others crash the wall
doggy D-O-double G in the motherfucking Gran Turismo 3
doin things, I'm picking up speed while I'm switching lanes
doin bout a 100 tryin to reach two
my homie in the baby (baby) blue
sittin on firestone, I'm trying to bring another checkered flag home
it feels bad in the worst way when you in last place but look I'm in 1st
so how I'm gonna trip of that
cause if I lose I'm gon turn it off and get right back
chose a whole nother car
a brand new course
with tunnels and trees
thanks for your support
I couldn't have made it without you
I doubt you ever seen a racing game this astounding
picking you up when your downin
I drive when the beat be poundin
knocking you all across your face
you and your boys want another race?
in a whole nother place in a whole nother state
I was last seen doing 298 in a S2000 silver and black
sitting in chrome lookin bad like that
burning rubber smashing like that
on the real deal
live from the Apricot Hill
I'm in hot pursuit being pursued by
shit that's way to cute
slipping out my lane
swerving trough the grass
man these cars be on my ass
bumper jumper to 300
I'm doing too much I done lost control
should I stop or should I role
my mission is to position my paw
and fold these others up
even my brothers (whaa?)
it's all about winning y'all know what's up
Playstation 2 taking you to a whole new dimension
where the cars look fly and they got good suspension
did I mention it was tight though for real though
Gran Turismo number 3
your listening to the sounds of the D-O-G baby
riding slipping slidin
watch out for the curve the cars be colliding
dang you in second gear? put it in third
and make sure you don't hit those white lines by the curb
you wit your shuby do in the Subaru
oh Lord I jumped in a dark blue Ford
and he claimed he in it to win it
don't you trip just make sure that you finish 1st 2nd or 3rd
that's all that matters and I doubt there's a racing game that's phatter
for real though gran turismo for shore though
on the low do the game that's for shore yo
put yo pedal to the metal
and ax all the kids in the ghetto
is the game hot like the kettle
and I gurantee they all say hello

ride on (x3) (fade)
I know u swerving right there
doing bout 200
in the fast lane
yeah yeah yea what's the name of the game
Gran Turismo for shore yo

Gran Turismo (x3) (fade)
is it the tightest game
better ax somebody

for real yo Gran Turismo (x4) (fade till end)