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Artist: Snoop Doggy Dogg f/ Big Pimpin, Daz Dillinger, The Twinz
Album:  Death Row's Snoop Doggy Dogg Greatest Hits 
Song:   Too High (Poly High)
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[Intro: Big Pimpin]
Just another day in the motherfucking neighbourhood
A pimp's waking up and he's feeling good
Versace to the flow
He didn't even mess with the taylor made shit today y'all
Smelling good with his reptiles on for sure

[Verse One: Snoop Dogg]
I'm waking up in the morning, man I'm mourning; what's wrong?
My Nigga Corleone gone in my Zoning, but I'm boning, out to school
Cause I can't be late, cause they'll lock the gate
And it's damn near eight, that's when the bell ring
I'm a slide on in, and come right on in
And once I bail through the hallways, giving it up
Funky fresh stars and khakis, cool living it up
What up? - the same shit trying get paid and stay strong
Lunchtime, I make my way to get my grub on
Ten minutes to one, feeling good like I should for sure
Fourth period; walk through the door
I'm wreaking and smelling like endo
But still the day moves on to 2:44; one minute left to class
By Warren G, the Twins and Daz
Nate Dogg finna scoop us up in a blue drop top Brouham
I hear some bitches from Wilson wanna tag.. along
And get up, for the get-down
Word got around about the niggaz from the Piddound
We keep the whores on point, to join on lit
And keep heat discreet, until the shit jump off
Well we're all from the side, so we won't ask why
So you best get high!

[Chorus: X2]
Too high, so fly, like Snoop is poly high

[Verse Two: Wayniac]
See I... took advantage cause I live right next door 
to the funkhouse, dunkhouse with the whole show
Niggaz know how we go; from first 'til four we don't show
Lunch and then the last whore
It's getting dealt with some melt shit I guess
We smoke the Stress, cause my quest wasn't chronic yet
Little niggaz growing up with my dogs 
Cause we pack the hogs, exercise for my balls

[Verse Three: Trip Locc] 
Stacked bigger than I thought it would be
Me and the family, working on TV, get paid and fuck their enemy
Moving on up, like the Jeffersons but quicker
All we think about is finding ways to get richer
Hit you like some dodo, got you're begging for more
It's a trip, I'm serving on the solo
Low blow, I had you feeling me
I got some C-O-N-V-O for your community

[Verse Four: Daz Dillinger]
I'm still in a fast lane state of mind
Time is impossible, for me to try to find
I'm out of school on the line
Hustling here and there, never show no fear
Hosted it up on a watch, I posted it up with a glock
PCH in atlantic, is what you see just don't panic
It's me, Snoop rocks and when my homies get static
Got a pistol that blasts like a cannon
Look out for when we form at the wall, nigga where you standing? 
Raise up, realize, street lights magnify
Life is giving; don't let it pass you by
I'm here and there with the bud, conversating with the drink
Shocked in my own zone, got time to think
Cause what would I be, if I wasn't who I am
Maybe dead or in jail, maybe time'll never tell
Approach me wrong and you will get chin checked
To disrespect my clique, and you will get dealt with
Uhh.. plain and simple, nevertheless with the best shit available
Test me now, let me see how brave you are
I'm scott free, so it's on like it used to be
D-O-G-G P-O-U-N-D G-C, for life, two times 'til I die
Oh why, Oh why, life is a challenge when you die?
What's the peak for me, is the cash and the strap
Since the 2-1-3 days been like that

[Chorus: X2]

[Outro: Big Pimpin]
Feeling very playish, ha.. I mean very plash
And the bitches saying: why shouldn't he?
Yeah he should; doing what he does and he does it good
He goes to work, yeah, he does it good
On pavement or dirt, checking the skirt
The story of a Pimp's Life, yeah baby
You gotta have the stomach for this shit, Hoo weeee
To fuck with this, the story of a Pimp's Life
Ohh yes baby, honey suckle to a berry
Got to check; the traps, got to check the dollars
Got a doctorate from the street called: Peace Mack of Diamond Net
A scholar with my niggaz from the underground (*Echoes*)